15 ways to earn free money on the internet in 2021

15 ways to earn free money on the internet in 2021

Are you tired of sitting idly? Or want to earn free money through the internet? And wish to work at your home comfortably and evenly. So here I am going to discuss 15 ways to make free money by not investing a single penny you can pursue some opportunities as a profession to double up your income. You can do online surveys, paid to click, reviewing products, blogging, earn by YouTube, freelancing, tutoring, selling pictures and much more, which we are going to discuss in detail how to do them.

Now days working from home through the internet is becoming very common, and if I say, there are tons of ideas to generate free money by almost doing nothing.

There are a lot of people who are wondering how they can accumulate a good income by fewer efforts, or they want to develop the confidence of earning. There are many ideas to make money through the internet. I have seen many people who are earning online and meeting their expenses.

You can do this as your side hustle or doing it just for fun.

So, without further ado, let’s explore some easy ideas to earn free money.


1- Earn money by freelancing through internet:

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Earn money by freelancing through internet

It comes at first in my mind while discussing the ideas because you can do it without investing a single penny if you have any skill such as designing, painting, writing and editing, blockchain, marketing, photography, animation so you can do this.

The list goes on. Many skilful people are working as an online freelancer to earn some fair amount of money.

Which skill should I prefer for me?

Now, after this, the question comes in your mind that which skill I have to go. So only focus on those skills in which you have an interest, and you enjoyed those things while doing. In this way, you don’t have to waist much time in nourishing your skill, and you can go on board to work as a professional.

How can I improve my skill?

After finding in which you are good at, the next step is to nourish it. For that, you need to do practice, practice and practice. Yes, you all have read that line “practice makes the man perfect” same with the case is here.

Try to involve in those activities, in which these skills are needed and try to watch YouTube videos, or you can seek expert help if their need be.

If this idea enhances your interest to earn free money online so multiple sites can help you a lot;

It’s an Australian developed site which is the market place for both. Employers offer jobs and freelancer bid on it. On this site, you have to sign up and make your profile after that select your skills and right a bio finds your projects and start bidding. Employer will connect you, and you can begin your work.

Upwork is an American based site. If you have to add on Upwork, update your profile, including skills and portfolio. With a strong profile, you can get work efficiently. It spots every freelancing talent.

Fiverr is the oldest website where you can add skills of every type, and there are millions of potential clients waiting to work with you.

Here you can work for any designs, logo designs, web designs, and portfolio designing.

If you want to continue as a content writer, then text broker is one of the oldest sites which work for writers and pay a suitable reward to them.

There are many sites from where you benefited with and earn a handsome amount of money all you need a focused mind of doing something.


2- Earn free money with surveys:

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Earn free money with surveys

It is the easiest and quickest way to earn if you like to share your opinions then you can go for it. Different firms and organizations do surveys, instead of writing long descriptive paragraphs as feedback of their product or services. They will prefer surveys based on multiple-choice questions that you can solve very quickly and make some money.

After receiving surveys, they update or establish their products on the base of data. In return, they give rewards to them who fulfil the surveys. Rewards can be in the form of cash, gifts, free products or coupons.

This idea of earning money is more reliable because it’s doesn’t require a particular skill you can work whenever or wherever you want. And it seems a joyful job, which you can do it just in some minutes. Some of the surveys are little bit tuff, but it is okay if you take 3 or 4 surveys per day.

After getting to know about surveys first thing that comes to mind where we can fulfil these surveys?

There are different websites where you can do this job, and these numbers of websites are increasing day by day.

Some of the websites which are legit and do pay rewards to the people who fulfil surveys are

  • My survey

It is one of the oldest websites and pays via PayPal, but you wouldn’t withdraw money until it exceeds $25.

  • Swagbucks

It is in business, for almost 15 years ago. It pays according to the length and complexity of the survey, between 1 to 350 Swagbucks. For every 100 Swagbucks, you gain additional get 1$ on it. You can withdraw your money via PayPal cash or gift cards.

You can withdraw minimum money up to $1 in gifts cards and $3 in PayPal cash.

Can you imagine! How interesting is it earning money in few simple efforts? There are many more websites in the market you can easily approach them.


3- Earn free money by just clicking on ads:

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Earn free money by just clicking on ads

It’s also one of the most straightforward techniques to make money, although it’s not a full income source, you can rely on them. In this, you earn money by watching an advertisement video for some seconds.

In return, they add some money in your accounts their rates are low, but it isn’t harder to pay for only watching videos.

What kind of advertising videos did they play?

These are advertising of any upcoming movie or song, or it may be of any product add, or it may be of any service.

Where can I find these paid to click (PTC) websites?

Of the popular authentic paid to click website which as follows;

  • Neubux

Here you can earn a maximum $10 monthly it has 2.9 ratings and has 80+ users on-site jabber.

  • Grab points

Here you can earn a maximum of $150 monthly. It has 4.1 ratings and has 400+ users on trust pilot.

  • Prize rebel

In price rebel, you can earn up to $150 monthly it has 3.5 ratings and has 120+ users on Trustpilot.

  • Inbox dollar

Here you can earn a maximum of $200 monthly. It has 4.5 rating and 8.9k+ users on trust pilot.


4- Earn free money by answering questions and pleading advice:

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Earn free money by answering questions and pleading advice

One of my most Favorited idea of earning is this task here. You have to share your knowledge with others. Random people ask their question, and if you think you are expert in it, you have to answer those questions and if this answer got published on their website, decided amount of money will transfer to your account.

There are numerous websites on the internet which offer these kinds of services most of the popular websites are Quora. Help owl, expert 123, answer.com, wiki how, yahoo answers, and Dummies. There are many more websites which you can find easily on your search engine.

How to sign up?

So, how we can sign up or register for these websites; some of them ask you to fill the application. Or some will ask you to perform a quiz, and you can sign up quickly via email; each website has its criteria.

How much can an expert earn?

That’s the excellent question so it depends on which platform you are working for if you are working for the popular website you can earn more or if you have good knowledge and expert in writing and explained well to your readers then you might make more.

Typically, experts can generate up to 1000$ per month, or some may go for $10 to $20 only as a tell you before depends on your knowledge and writing skills.


5- Earn free money with google:

As I discussed before, earning money by watching adds google AdSense is also working on it. But you must have your blog where google advertises add related to your blog niche and when someone clicks on that add link attached on your blog. Some amount of money automatically transfers in your account.

All you need a blog with lots of traffic so, you can earn more. Isn’t it a good idea? Well, Google has one freer make money opportunity that is google opinion reward it’s same like other survey panellist Google take feedback of google apps and software’s to enhance their facilities.

Different companies prefer to google opinion reward to get feedback in the form of surveys to integrate their product and services.

How to join?

It has easy steps to operate to the website and register yourself by filling an easy application form. In reward, you get google credit which you can use to buy apps or different Facebook avatars etc.


6- Earn money by blogging:

It’s completely wrong if I say you can earn money through blogging in a single night. No! To achieve money by this technique, you should have to be patient and creative. It’s relatively easy to make a blog, but it requires a lot of effort to grow traffic over there to entertain your readers.

Try to make a blog on your favorite niche. Where you can add more content daily, you can earn a significant income on it. There are many people whom I know work as a blogger and making a good income in a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.

Once if you have established your blog and grow right engaging audience, then you can generate good income through the platform, and different organization and firms approach you for advertisement and promotion.

How to establish a blog?

After getting know about this way, the second thing that comes to mind is how to develop your blog. You have to create a blog on any free blog, creating a website and add content on it to promote your page.

But working on a free blogs website, you couldn’t get the full authority at your blog. Get your hosting and domain. I heard this thing from many bloggers friend that after creating a blog at any free website such as blogger (google owned platform) or any other blog website.

They deleted your blog in just second due to any reason can you imagine where you have added so many efforts. Moreover, you have quality content and audience. Suddenly your blog gets deleted it’s so deadly so, try to buy your domain and hosting after some time. By this way, you are the real and only owner of your business.

If you don’t know how to build your blog, you can take help of any web developer but trust me. It’s relatively easy to create a blog. But I recommend beginners to go and learn by creating a blog on free blogging platforms.

Which are the free blogging platforms?

If you, make your mind to start blogging, then you need to know some of the popular free blogging platforms to show your creativity.

  • Wix

As if you are a beginner and you don’t have a piece of sufficient knowledge about how to build a blog website then Wix is the best free blogging platform for the beginners it gives a wide range of templates, but it provides limited storage.

  • Weebly

Weebly is the easiest to use instead of Wix. It has excellent responsive themes. It’s very similar to Wix but has fewer features than Wix. And it’s not that much customized in compare to Wix.

  • WordPress.org

This website is working for a decade; many professional bloggers prefer this website due to its features and compatibility. The software itself is free, but you have to pay a very reasonable amount of money to get your hosting and domain name.

It’s a robust website as compare to any of the free blogging platforms its functions are a little bit complicated, but you can accomplish it.

  • Blogger.com

Its owned by Google and its function are very easy; you can set your blog easily while using this.


7- Earn free money by blogging on Instagram:

Instagram is developed in 2010 and owned by Facebook; it’s a social media platform where you can share upload your pictures and videos. But few of you know that you can earn a fair amount by doing blogging on Instagram all you need to download the Instagram app and here you set to go.

How to set a blog on Instagram?

You have to make an account on Instagram with the interesting user name in relevant to the content that you want to create on Instagram after that gather your engaging followers increase the numbers of followers by adding entertaining content that attracts your followers.

You can go for anything a per your interest you can be makeup influencer, or you can do online selling by setting your brand name select as per your choice. After that you need to affiliate your account once you reached 10,000 followers you apply to verify your account and get blue tick mark on your profile its mean now you are a celebrity on Instagram.

How you earn free money through it?

Now the main question is how to earn free money, so you have to do sponsored brands post that wants to attract with your potential audience. Earn a commission by selling their products to create content within collaboration with famous brands.

Sell a license for your pictures and videos. Review the product of different brands. And promoting product features. Simply if your audience love to see you and your content, then you’re doing well on Instagram.


8- Earn free money with PayPal:

There are different sites where you can earn money just in easy steps and get paid in cash through PayPal.

  • Rewardable tv

It is one of those sites where you can earn money by just watching videos related advertisement. New movies trailer or any product

  • Get paid to sites

Here you can pay to a small job in which you are right. Jobs are straightforward, and they paid through PayPal in cash instead of paying additional credit or coupons.

  • Un babel

Here you will pay for your language skills if you know one or more then two languages you can earn money by translation of different languages, and they will pay you via PayPal.


9- Earn money by affiliate marketing:

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Earn money by affiliate marketing

Suppose you are interested in making money without investment and still want to sell products so you can work as a middleman. Your earning will be base on commission if you promote any product link on any platform.

Suppose people buy products after clicking on that link between 24 hours, so you automatically get the commission. You only have to share it on different blogs, and if you have your blog and want to do network marketing, then it’s excellent.

Affiliate your blog with different companies, which products you need to promote after add banners or link at your blog.

Platforms of affiliated marketing?

  • Click banks

It’s working on a large scale you can find billions of products for affiliate marketing.

  • Amazon associates

In this process, you get a commission in 24 hours when someone clicks at your shared link.

  • eBay partners

it’s similar to amazon associates here you also get your commission based on your share linked transaction.


10- Earn free money by YouTube:

Everyone knows about YouTube. Its popularity has spread worldwide. Most of the people are familiar with YouTube and enjoy YouTube videos. I have seen a lot of people who are earning millions through YouTube channels.

So, this is the platform where you can earn in 7 figures without any investment. All you have to grab a camera and a laptop where you can edit and upload a video. And make money, and you became a partner with YouTube. If you got interested in it, then it’s a whole process so let’s dive into it.

How to make a channel?

First, you have to install YouTube app after that create your channel according to your skill or interest which you want to continue at the channel.

Do the setting of your channel but remember one thing if your account has doesn’t have a proper setting YouTube will never be approved for monetization.

After that next step is to approve your account through YouTube, you can apply for it if you have 4000 watch time in 12 months on your channel videos. And you are creating unique content.

Plus, you have 1000 subscribers and your region support YouTube partner and have a Google AdSense account.

How monetization generate money?

YouTube post adds on your videos and banners at your channels if someone clicks on your video then add popup at the advertised link. If someone buys that product through your link, you got a commission or YouTube give you some shares of their revenue’s which they generate from the advertisement.

You can earn by different promotional videos and companies and brands contact you directly.


11- Online tutoring:

It’s the most simple and straight forward method of earning through which you can meet your monthly expenses quickly. You can apply through different apps, or you can connect with other website and online agencies, which provide these facilities.

Which apps provide these facilities?

  • Everly
  • Chegg.com
  • Flip class

And many more


12- Earn free money by a Virtual Assistant:

The virtual assistant is a perfect job for the beginner’s administrators. All you have to do is manage different website controlling and administrative activities while working remotely. Many companies prefer these types of tasks and due to this pandemic situation, people choosing it mostly.

What you have to do?

All you have to do is attend calls, manage their customer cares, managing emails, travelling times, appointments and much more task but, I must say that’s the real learning platform for the beginners.

How much money do you get?

· Beginners can earn hourly $6

· Experienced can make hourly $12

· An expert can earn hourly $25


13- Earn free money by designing customized stuff:

If you are good at designing or painting and want to earn through your skills and have good ideas of creating designs so why don’t you go for it all you have to do is make contact by different online designing companies sell your design which they can print on stuff such like (shirts, mug, cautions, wooden cardboards and many more)

You have to design good artwork and select the stuff now it ready to print.

Which websites hire a customized designer?

  • 99desigen
  • People per hour
  • Toptal
  • Google per hour

How much designer earn?

It always varies from website to website and based on working skills.


14- Earn free money by reviewing music:

Sounds impressive? Yes, now you can earn by reviewing quickly to release music it might attract to the music lover who to listen to a song, and if you get a payoff on it, then it’s a golden chance.

  • Slicethepie
  • Hot predictor
  • Cash4minutes
  • Learnable

These are the websites where singers, commercial musicians add songs to review it before the releasing.


15- Earn free money by selling pictures:

Are you a good photographer or you are passionate to collect and collect good shots it may benefit you yes! All you have to do is click interesting pictures; it may be of anything picture of natural view pictures of food.

It might be anything but should be beautifully clicked. Sell these pictures to the sites through the internet.

Where can I sell my pictures?

You can sell your pictures on different sites some are as follows

  1. Shutterstock
  2. Smugmugpro
  3. Istock photo
  4. Alamy
  5. 500px
  6. Etsy
  7. Getty Images
  8. Stocksy

And the list goes on you have to pay according to your picture and website criteria.


Final words:

If you read it and you have developed an interest to earn free money so go for it. Why should waste time when you have lots of opportunities waiting? Know yourself and recognize your skill in which you want to continue.