Turkish Burslari Scholarship | Turkey Scholarship 2021-2022

Turkey Scholarship 2021-2022

This Turkey scholarship program is Government based and is granted to able and hardworking students from all over the world. It is based on the student’s academic record and his abilities.

They can pursue their dreams and avail this opportunity for their long term or short courses in high ranked Turkish Universities.


Aim Of Turkey Scholarship:

Turkey scholarship

Aim Of Turkey Scholarship

The Turkish Government’s primary intention of this Turkiye Burslari scholarship program is to provide excellent students with opportunities to fulfil their dreams. Their goal is to build webwork of different countries worldwide to set up better understanding and cooperation.

They provide students with theoretical knowledge, train them in practical work, build interpersonal skills, and make them professionals.



Turkey Scholarships offers a range of programs designed for each level of study, region, and country, based on priority areas. Students are provided an exceptional university and academic activity guide through Turkey Scholarships Information System (TBBS).

The Undergraduate Scholarship Program is offered explicitly for undergraduate students who want to avail this opportunity. Applicants interested in these courses from engineering to medicine, humanities to social sciences can apply for this scholarship. Please check the official website for available departments.



A broad range of programs across humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering at PhD. and Master’s levels are offered at well-recognized Turkish universities. For available departments and universities, please check out their official website.



Being familiar with the importance of building enduring relationships with their alumni, Turkey Scholarships intent to maintain political, social, cultural, economic, and academic relations with Turkey Alumni through various campaigns. Turkiye Burslari Scholarship has an alumni body of roundabout 150.000 alumni members from more than 160-170 countries.

To improve their relationship with alumni members, alumni meetings were arranged in more than 60 countries in 2018. As a result, establishment projects, organizational activities, and other alumni associations are being supported worldwide.



Turkish universities offer students a vast number of programs and opportunities.

  • Turkish Cultural Activities: Students get to know the rich heritage and history of Turkey. They can explore different tourist points, amusement places, museums, etc. Universities organize special tours for International students to know the customs and traditions of the country.
  • Turkish Language Program: Students learn the Turkish language in the first year to communicate well with Turkish people and face no difficulty.
  • Seminars: Different seminars and workshops are held in cooperation with other NGOs. Students can meet famous speakers and professors at the workshops and develop better communication with Turkish people.


Internship Opportunities

Türkiye Bursalari Scholarships improve the academic and professional development of scholarship holders. Students can attend internship programs designed across sectors.

YTB arranges internship programs in coordination with government authorities as well as private bodies. Over the past five years, scholarship holders were offered internship and other development opportunities in Turkish Radio, Health science and engineering departments, and TV Corporation, etc., for practice.


International Students Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony has been organized every year to celebrate the International students’ success and make this moment memorable for them.

The ceremony reunites graduated people when they are done with their educational task in Turkey and becomes an essential and irreplaceable part of the Turkey Alumni family. In 2018, the 7th International Students Graduation Ceremony was held with graduates from more than 120 countries.

Research Scholarships only cover a monthly stipend.

Turkish Language Summer Program includes:

monthly stipend,

health insurance, accommodation, social and cultural activities.

Turkish Language Program for Academicians and Public Officials has;

monthly stipend, accommodation, social and cultural activities, transportation expenses, etc


What do The Turkey Scholarship cover?

Turkey scholarship 2021

What do The Turkey Scholarship cover?

  • Monthly stipend:
  • For under graduation program it is 700-800, Turkish Lira
  • 950-1000 TL for Master’s level
  • PhD students get 1400-1500 TL.
  • Research program: 3000 TL
  • Tuition Fee
  • Health Insurance
  • Two times flight ticket
  • Accommodation


Scholarship Services:

  • Receiving service at the airport
  • Health insurance procedure
  • Monthly stipend
  • Cultural Activities
  • Language course
  • Seminar
  • Internship
  • One year Turkish language course


Application Procedure for Turkey Scholarship 2021:

Turkiye burslari scholarship

Application Procedure for Turkey Scholarship 2021

The date of application is Jan-Feb 2021. Students can apply online for the Scholarship. This procedure is free of cost that can be used from any eligible country. It is available at two leading websites of the Turkish Scholarship.

The application form can be filled in 8 different languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Bosnian, Russian, Persian, and Turkish.

According to this Turkey scholarship program’s preference, students can select 10 to 12 universities of their choice. But keep one thing in mind while selecting universities that are offering your program of interest.


Eligibility Criteria:

The students who are currently studying in Turkey can not apply for this scholarship.

The short-termed programs may require additional documents, so you must check that out before applying for Turkey scholarships.

Selection process:


The applications are carefully reviewed and checked by experts based on specific criteria.

Age Limit:

  • Below 21 for undergraduate program
  • Below 30 for Master’s program                        
  • Below 35 for PhD programs.
  • Below 45 for the research program


Academic Requirement:

  • For applying to the Bachelor’s degree program, you must have 70% marks in your previous academic year.
  • For medicine, health, or pharmacy, you should have at least 90%
  • For PhD and Masters degree, 75%

Besides these, some universities also require English proficiency test like IELTS, OET, etc. and some require GRE, GMAT, etc. to get Turkish scholarships so you must visit the official page of those universities which are in your priority list and check out their required tests if they have any.


Required Documents:

To apply online for Turkey scholarships, you must have the following documents:

  • Latest picture of the applicant
  • A passport (valid)
  • Identification Card (valid)
  • Academic result cards and transcripts
  • Test scores which include language test and International test (IELTS, GRE, etc. if required)
  • National exam results
  • Research paper and written work for applying to a PhD program

Short term courses may require additional documents.


Eligible Countries:

For citizens of all the countries preferably:

  • Pakistan
  • Iceland
  • Germany
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Myanmar
  • United States of America


Selection Process for Turkey Scholarship:

Scholarship in Turkey for Pakistani students

Selection Process for Turkey Scholarship

  1. Application: The team reviews your application form, academic record, and extracurricular activities.
  2. Shortlist: They shortlist the applicants from their submitted applications based on their previous qualification record, social activities, goals, etc.
  3. Interview Call: If you are eligible in each aspect, they give you an interview call. The interview is held in many countries.
  4. Selection: Based on your interview, they select the best and competitive students for admission and Scholarship. The interview lasts about 10 to 15 minutes.



The interview for Turkey scholarships is held in your own country and carried out in more than a hundred countries. Sometimes they conduct the interview online through calls. The interview has experts to judge your abilities and whether you are fit for this opportunity or not.

  • They check your body language, interpersonal skills, and confidence.
  • They might give you some questions to solve, based on your subjects of interest.
  • They contain your academic knowledge and ask you some engaging questions.


Length of Scholarship:

 Under graduation: 1-year language course+ 4-6 academic years depending on the course

  • Master’s: 1-year language course+ 2 years
  • PhD: 1-year language course+ 4 years
  • Research: 4-12 months
  • Turkish language summer course: 2 months
  • Turkish Language program for Public Officials and Academicians: 8-10 months


SHORT-TERM Turkey Scholarship

Turkey Scholarship 2021 for Pakistani students apply online

SHORT-TERM Turkey Scholarship

 Success Program:

It is designed for those currently studying in Turkish universities on their expenses and shows outstanding academic performance. It only covers a monthly stipend; for Undergraduate Students, it is 440 per month, for Master’s Students 590 per month, and for PhD, it is 880 per month.

Research Scholarship Program: 

It encourages international students, researchers, and academicians to carry out good research in their fields by collaborating with Turkish academicians in qualified Turkish universities. It is available for PhD holders or PhD candidates at the completion stage.

Turkish Language Summer Program:

It is for those who have Turkish proficiency at the primary level and improve their Turkish language. This is a 2-month course.

Turkish Language course for Public Officials, Researchers, and Academicians:

It is for public officials, researchers, and academicians to improve their Turkish people’s communication. The duration of this course is 8 to 12 months.

Note: Some courses may require additional tests and documents, so please check the website while applying. This Scholarship is not available for those already enrolled in this scholarship program, citizens of Turkey and have lost their citizenship.