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Teamwork makes the dream work

Are you the person who is dreaming bigger? Ok, then how are you going to accomplish your dreams? Any idea that you adopted to accomplish your dream? Well, this type of question always surrounded in my mind when someone is dreaming big.

I have seen many people who never get near to this concept. They are happy with their small accomplishments well. It never works like this. If you are a person with wisdom and dreaming big, then make any idea.

The best and efficient strategy that one should adopt is Teamwork makes the dream work. What a statement stated by john maxwell. This statement is the name of the book wrote by john Maxwell back in 2002.


Teamwork makes the dream work, meaning

You might be wondering what this statement’s meaning is where I am emphasizing it a lot well. It has a deep meaning but depends on your power to understand how you will accept this particular statement’s statement’s meaning.

It is explicitly delivering the idea that working in teamwork can make you achieve your desired goals and dreams. Without a team, you cannot achieve your goal or fulfil your dreams.

If any person says that he can fulfil their dream alone, he might be wrong because a team comes in every shape and size. You and your spouse are a team, your family members are your team, your office colleagues are your team, and there are many more examples you can relate to them.

Are you not getting my point? Ok, let me elaborate to you in detail where you can relate easily about the meaning of teamwork makes the dream work. If you are working hard at your dreams day and night without caring about rest responsibilities.

There is any other team member who is doing your responsibility to maintain your focus toward your dream. They may be your parents, spouse, or any other person who is a partner in your success.

If we talk about your workplace, your manager and other colleagues are working hard to achieve a common goal, their responsibilities and duties are different. Still, their goal is familiar. Then you are working in teamwork.

Sadly, I have seen many people and teams who are stuffed with talent, and in their surroundings, they have many talented people with whom they are working, but they don’t have one common goal and never worked on the idea of teamwork.

These kinds of people end up not fulfilling their dream because they never think of this idea, and they never establish that team foaming relation that may benefit them in fulfilling their dream.

We cannot achieve big dreams until we don’t work in a team. You may accomplish small tasks and fulfil your small dreams, but big dreams come with a proper teamwork format.

Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah wouldn’t accomplish Pakistan until they work in a team. Quid-e- Azam forms his team as a Muslim league that that’s the medium of people who have a common goal. After many fail efforts, they achieve their goal.


What is the role of a team leader in making teamwork a dream work?

Yes, if we are talking about teamwork, so how can we forget about the team leader? So, he is the one who gives direction to the team members and engages them to a single goal to achieve their dream work. In offices, they are known as team managers, and in other small businesses, they are known as owners.

They work and create some easy points for the team. 

They also act at those points and make the team members act on it in this way.


How can I establish better teamwork?

I will not end up here by only describing the importance of teamwork in the dream work; however, I will discuss some points for your convenience. I have aligned in 10 easy steps.


1. Set a common goal 


Set a common goal

it’s the first step that comes to my mind. Goals are set by the team leader or by the owner of any organization. By setting a common goal, we can work on it individually to achieve that goal.

Different talented people collaborate on a single medium and achieve the decided goal. It must be clear to every team member to produce values in their assigned task according to the goal.


2. Effective communication 

That’s an essential step to maintain a healthy environment in the team. Through effective communication technique, you can communicate with your other team members use positive gestures.

And words try to use words to develop trust to the other member and develop a productive culture between team members.


3. Unity is strength

teamwork makes the dream work

Unity is strength

Yes, who else can decline this fact? You must read all tailed stories of unity that always deliver you the message that united we rise. It’s an apparent fact that if we have no harmony and unity in our team members, we cannot get our dream work.

Always try to prefer unity and let down your egoistic emotion. That’s the main factor that breaks the unity.


4. Focus on individual strength

Why don’t we utilize their talent to achieve the common goal? So, for this, your team leader needs to acknowledge the strong point of every individual.

He must know about their members who are perfect in which task and who can give their best. Assign the task accordingly to your team members. In this way, you can get excellent outcomes.


5. Set team expectations

teamwork makes the dream work meme

Set team expectations

To improve teamwork credibility, you need to communicate all your expectations to your team members and explain the whole situation where we are lacking and where we need more improvement to get the outcomes. Give them small tasks and ask them to accomplish them according to your expectations.


6. Divide tasks

It will get more comfortable for you and your team members too. If you assign them a particular task, then that will be easy for everyone. They wouldn’t step into other team members member’s toes and work precisely.

It is imperative to act on this point, to get outcomes efficiently. You can work smartly, and every team member will be aware of their worth that how many values they are adding to the team goal.


7. Achieve small tasks

working together synonym

Achieve small tasks

If you divide tasks in small ways, then it is easier for you to achieve them, and you can achieve them effectively and efficiently. It will set the daily standard, and you can compare the daily performances of the team.

If you achieve small tasks, you also need to evaluate them after their compilation and assign new tasks daily. In this way, a smooth workflow will automatically generate in the team.


8. Appreciation

That is much needed in any team environment. It gives you the instant boast up. And the team leader must establish this one while managing an effective team.

Try to appreciate your fellow team member whenever they complete any task, ask them for help, and appreciate them for their little efforts that they add up in their tasks.

Gives them the positive gestures of appreciation pad them at the back if they accomplish any task with [perfection by this they know that their team members have fair relation with them and without any greed of incentives he will add time and efforts in the team goals to get appreciation

And this way you can make an effective team working environment by doing some small efforts and your members and colleagues will surely love you for this behaviour.


9. Encourage other opinions and innovations

team work makes the dream work

Encourage other opinions and innovations

I know this is a little bit challenging process to admit someone’s someone’s opinion. Still, if you consider someone else opinion, then I can guaranty you now you are a person who can face every hurdles and challenges that will arise in your teamwork environment.

Accepting other opinions will realize that the team is essential, and everyone respects their opinion. We cannot decline this that different minds, different thoughts, and different thoughts have different opinions.

They can give you a different solution to a single problem. You can get innovative ideas. Isn’tIsn’t it a good idea to consider other members members’ opinions and getting innovation to the problems?


10. Give rewards and incentives

Lastly, it’s the fundamental right and need of every team member if you give rewards for their hard works, they will be satisfied with your services and work more productively.

Pay incentives to those employees who pay extra attention to your requirements and get ready for work at your single call. Reward them for their positive and enthusiastic behaviour. Hard-working employees and loyal employees should reward with additional incentives. In this, they will get the motivation to work more effectively.


Final words

Now you have realized that how important is the teamwork makes the dreamwork. Also, you get the point that by only adding people to the team, we cannot get our dream work. We have to strive for it by acting on the above points. I hope these points will help you a lot in the future or present.