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Call Center or customer support Services in Pakistan International companies prefer to outsource contact center services to Pakistan compared to other countries like India, Malaysia, China, Philippines, or other Asian countries.

Pakistan has always been one of the most preferred outsourcing locations for call centers because the centers in Pakistan offer a massive variety of advantages that other countries do. Have to provide to their customers.

An outsourcing call center is one of the most ideal ways for industries to rapidly improve sales, productivity, and advantages.

Indeed, various companies can ascribe their extensive accomplishment to moving inbound call service from in-house to one of these centers. Some of the top call centers in Pakistan are listed below:


Top Call Centers In Pakistan:

  • I Concepts Goraya Consultants
  • IntelliCom Solutions SMC PVT LTD
  • BPOxperts
  • Emenac call center services
  • Stoneshed
  • Backend Communications
  • Cappersoft
  • Tribe Consulting
  • Infology Solutions
  • Codeaze


I Concepts Goraya Consultants:

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I Concepts Goraya Consultants

I Concepts Goraya consultants have worked for the past twelve years as a BPO company and now come in Pakistan’s most important and well-known call centers. They have dedicated and professional team members who are trained and have years of experience.

My concepts offer inbound and outbound call center services, order placement, bookings, technical support, sales, marketing, data entry, validation, chat support, and remote assistance.


Their services are on-site-based and accept only online appointments.


The call center remains open for 24 hours.

Safety and Health:

To use the services of this call center, an appointment is required, which you can get online. They strictly follow the health and safety measures and want the clients to follow them.

While entering the call center, you must be wearing a mask, and a body temperature check is also required.

The staff of the call center follows all the safety measures and precautions. They wear a mask and get their temperature checked regularly. Between visits, the places and surfaces are also cleaned and disinfected regularly.


3rd Floor, 40-Main Commercial area Cavalry Ground, Lahore Cantt, Lahore, Punjab 54000.


IntelliCom Solutions SMC PVT LTD:

Intellicom Solutions offers 24/7 call center services. Starting from a family-based computer shop in the UK, the team has a combined experience of more than thirty years in direct customer service and call center customer support.

Having seen the increasing demand for professional call center services, they have set up their office in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Intellicom solutions offer a vast range of services to businesses that outsource.

Their customer service representatives are trained to use different software and speak English fluently. Each member of the company has experience of at least five years in client satisfaction.


Plot 191 Commercial Hub, Queens Park Tower, Phase 8 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab.



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BPOxperts also come under top call centers in Pakistan. They help business owners to increase and maximize their businesses by providing them gainful solutions given by highly qualified staff members.

The call center owns a fully equipped service and workplace to globally offer their clients a unified work solution.

BPOxperts provides many customer services and calls center facilities like virtual assistance, quality assurance, back office, email support, social media community management, chat support, and the best digital market agency.

BPO Xperts provides skilled BPO Call center services and the Best customer service agents who can work with your existing staff members to increase productivity and help with a wide variety of tasks, including customer experience, resolving issues, and business development.

The quality of your customer service is the determining factor if your customers will select your services again or refer you to their associates.

Many BPO organizations think that they can’t afford the resources needed to provide excellent customer services, but they fail to consider the recurring values of customer referrals and retention.

BPO Xperts has a client-oriented staff to complement and maximize your existing sales and retention processes.


1st Floor, 737 Building G 4 Phase 2 Johar Town 737, Lahore, 54782


Opens from 9 am to 5 pm on Monday to Friday

9 am to 3 pm on Saturday. Closed on Sunday.


Emenac call center services:

They are one of the most trusted contact center companies in the United States because of their history, ideas, commitment, and vision.

Purpose-oriented Services to create extraordinary Success Stories. They are now assisting businesses to maximize their brand reputation by providing outstanding contact center services.

Their fully trained call center members are committed to meeting the provided sales target and increasing the customer service experience.

The company’s dedication and determination to build trust, meet sales targets and high expectations, and make a professional image create new success stories.

Their qualified and trained professionals handle their confused clients to satisfy them with highly appreciated customer support so that they speak good and positive about your company.

Grow your business by introducing old customers by providing their call a value and giving exemplary answering services to all of their questions. They offer very economical packages to offer exceptional services that go way beyond the cost justification.

Emenac Call Center Service narrates that they know how much important is customer service, so they have selected the most responsible, quick learner, determinant, and optimistic call center team members to help the organization in building reputation management, improve the satisfaction level for customers, elevate sales conversion rate and enjoy the benefit of cost.

They offer variable call center outsourcing services to lift their revenue with imposing customer service.

Outsourcing call center services is easing businesses to provide exceptional multi-channel service with a single number for the type of queries or concerns like the placement of the order, highlighting the problem, taking suggestions, and getting updates about delivery and policy company.


Building #10 Commercial Area Tech Society، Tech Society, Canal Road، Lahore, Punjab 54000


24/7 open.



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CALL BOX BPO is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organization with over sixteen years of experience in the call center field; they have expertise in outbound contact center services.

They began their business in March 2015. Their professional team members can help your business produce more quality leads that transfer them into opportunities to have viable sales.

CBB provides customized-made outsourcing solutions to different companies, functions, and industries of USA, UK, and Canada markets.

At CALL BOX BPO (CBB), the inbound call center of Pakistan, they provide a wide range of experience and information, with various business-to-consumer (B2C) market applications.

Our Inbound Call Center Service enables our customers to prevail industry standards and save about 50% of money and time.

Not only has this, but they also provided a considerable variety of services like Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR), Reporting Voice Mail (RVM), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Live Listening (LL), and Voice Recording (VR).

The call center is designed specifically to meet the demands of its clients.

Call center CBB claims to build a relationship of trust with their clients and give importance to the preferences of their clients. They provide values in the form of:

  • Customer confidence
  • Honesty with the clients
  • Conveying truth to customers

At CBB, they tend to measure the success in terms of their impact on the performance of their customers.


Blue Area, 16 United Plaza, Islamabad, Pakistan 44000


6:30pm to 08:00am.



They are an outsourcing company based in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The company has had enormous success and is now established as a quality provider service center in the BPO industry.

Stoneshed has made infrastructure according to the modern environment, keeping in mind the latest needs and more than one hundred seats.

The company provides training and particular expertise to manage customer services in Canada, America, and Australia. The service center agents are highly qualified, trained, and talented and have years of experience in customer service.

They must ensure a healthy relationship between their center and businesses, goods, and customers. Their goal is to provide services that give a great chance to their clients to communicate worldwide 24 hours.

Stoneshed is one of those companies which operate round the clock providing their customers 24/7 support facility.


139 Eastern Ave, Civic Center Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory


Open 24 hours.


Backend Communications:

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Backend Communications

Backend Communications is one of Pakistan’s top call centers located in Lahore. The contact center specializes in supplying customer support services before, during, and after-sale by different means of communication like live chat, text messages, emails, and calls.

The team members raise sales and provide unwavering customer service support to help businesses of all sizes and kinds while acting as a direct-to-customer service provider.

The inbound call center agencies offer E-Commerce & Catalog Order Taking Services to their customers. In this way, clients can find your business online and order whatever they want to buy.

But while buying something, clients prefer to ask their questions and queries from live members. Providing a toll-free phone number for support and order taking is essential to the success of your online business initiatives…especially when it comes to client satisfaction and reorders.

Today, backend communications help you outsource to the top US, UK, Latin America, South Africa, and Asia!

Their years of experience in customer services support make them well to apply all the rules and ethics to their team and facility.


 Flat # T-4, 3rd Floor Capri Center, Block J Gulberg III, Main Firdous Market, Lahore, Punjab 54660


Open 24 hours.



The poverty situation in Pakistan is getting worse day by day due to COVID-19. According to IMF projections, about 40% of people will go into the poverty line due to a lack of job opportunities in this pandemic era.

The talent is massive in Pakistan, but there are no opportunities for jobs. They believe that they can get the most out of this talent and create employment for them.

The main goal of this company is to provide digital skills to youngsters and especially to women so that they can learn and earn at the same time.

Because education cannot be abandoned for achieving as it is the most important skill one can have. In these challenging times, copper soft is playing its role in providing different business opportunities to jobless people.

They are one of the top customer support service centers due to their broader mission and vision. They are helping thousands of people and providing training to the employees.

They are providing different customer services like training of image annotation (image datasets), video annotation (to identify moving objects in the video), text annotation (text databases for language models), audio annotation ( speech and sound database for language models), document processing (extracting key data points from any document by human intelligence), and real-time annotation.


 533-15-B1, Township Lahore, College Road, 54770


From Monday to Friday 9 am to 7 pm and from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturday.


Tribe Consulting:

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Tribe Consulting

Since its formation in 2014, Tribe Consulting (Pvt) Limited has made its name one of the largest customer service providers in the industry of Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Pakistan.

Their extraordinary customer satisfaction record, highly qualified, trained, and well-managed staff members, along with their art-state technical infrastructure and operational plans, have helped people transition into one of the fastest-growing suppliers for outsourced call solutions, making partnerships globally with organizations and industries in the retail, telecommunications, healthcare, and public sectors.

Their primary focus lies in constantly achieving and striking all the qualitative and quantitative benchmarks set by their customers, emphasizing competence and continually learning their operational efficiency.

Having deep vertical incorporation expertise and a unique understanding of customer-centric industry needs, their goal is to achieve the optimal balance between customer satisfaction, reduction of cost, and revenue growth, explicitly tailored to the needs of their customers.


Plot 04, Office number 101 and 102, 1st Floor Evacuee Trust Complex, Sir Agha Khan Road, F-5/1 F-5, Islamabad, and Islamabad Capital Territory 44210.


Infology Solutions:

Infology Solutions is a big name for call centers or customer support services. They combine the technologies with extensive and remarkable industry experience and unique company processes to create customized solutions for worldwide industries.

Their company provides digital transformation and information technology skills and development to offer all the information technology-related services.

Infology solutions are trustable and reliable partners of well-known brands across the world. All the team members are highly qualified and well trained with having years of experience.

They create and deliver projects on all the big mobile and information technology platforms. The work of their staff members is recognized for vast standards of excellence by various industry experts.

They offer different services to their clients like software development, web development, application development, social media services, operation support, digital/online marketing, designing and branding, administrative support, finance and accounting, graphic and designing, technical and maintenance, business, and digitization along with customer support services.


Office number 517, Level 5, Saddar, Kohistan Tower, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000


Open 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday and closed on Saturday.



Codeaze is also one of the highly known contact centers in Pakistan. Their main goal is to provide top-notch consultancy and customer support to companies with complex information technology infrastructure and automate companies using manual and century-old techniques to keep their records.

Not only that, they are producing a bridge between organizations and information technology people, connecting their customers to the intelligent minds who are willing to earn and learn by offering them leadership programs, certifications, and training.

This is playing its role in decreasing the unemployment ratio and playing a huge part in increasing the economy.


Codeaze Office: FL-3/10 third Floor Gulshan e Iqbal Block 5 Main, Rashid Minhas Road, near Gulshan Chowrungi Karachi, Sindh 75300


Open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

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