How to screenshot on Galaxy a32 | Details

how to screenshot on galaxy a32

Samsung is widely recognized as a global leader in the smartphone industry for sure a good reason. Galaxy a32 is one of its best products, with a long-lasting battery and other features.

But even with all their success, there are still a few things Samsung users need to know about taking screenshots on their Galaxy A32 phones.

This article shows how to screenshot your Galaxy A32 phone like a pro. From taking a screenshot of a message or notification to capturing a whole page, we’ll cover everything you need to know.

Let’s get to know the detailed methods of How to screenshot on galaxy a32;


Different Ways “how to screenshot on galaxy a32 5G.”

How to screenshot Samsung galaxy a32 5g and take a screenshot on galaxy a32? To get to solve this query, let’s get to know different ways to get a screenshot on galaxy a32 5g 260; let it be;


Hardware Buttons

how to screenshot on a galaxy a32 5g

Hardware Buttons

Prepare your phone’s screen with the information you wish to capture (website, Game score, WhatsApp message, etc.).

To activate the camera, hold down the Volume Down button and the Side Key (Power) until the shutter sound plays, and then release both buttons. The Design of the Samsung Galaxy A32’s 4G is a modem.

You will store it in the Screenshots folder of your phone’s operating system. Gallery App > Screenshots is where you’ll find the screenshot image. The Screenshots folder can also be accessed using the My Files app.

Once you’ve located the desired screenshot, you may send it to your friends and family using any social app, email, Bluetooth, or WiFi connection. Alternatively, you might use the Samsung Galaxy’s native sharing features.


Use palm swipe

how to screenshot on galaxy a32 5g

Use palm swipe

There is a possibility that this feature is not accessible on all Galaxy smartphones. Due to a constraint in the hardware, the Palm swipe-to-capture feature is not available on the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

You can still capture a screenshot, but you can do so by using the tablet’s keys or the Air command menu instead. After that, you may open your screenshot in the Gallery app and share it with others.

Hold on; there’s another approach you may take to screen capture. You don’t have to click a button to take a screenshot on some devices because you can use the Palm swipe gesture instead.

Search for “Palm swipe to capture” within Settings, and then pick it. Tap the switch next to the Palm swipe to capture after that. You can snap a screenshot of anything on your phone by simply dragging the edge of your hand across the device’s display.


Use scroll capture

You can take several screenshots of a single page using the scroll capture feature, which subsequently merges all of your screenshots into one large image. You receive an accurate representation of the situation this way.

It is compatible with any other method you may use to take screenshots. You will always have the option to employ scroll capture, regardless of whether you use the button combinations, palm swipe, or even the S Pen.

Find the screen portion you wish to capture and click it. To take a screenshot, you must simultaneously hit the Power key (Side key) and the Volume down key.

Tap the Scroll capture symbol once the Smart capture option has appeared; it resembles an arrow pointing downward, and it will oscillate between the top and bottom positions.

Scroll to view the available capture choices on a Galaxy phone. The next step is to tap the icon a second time to initiate the process of scroll capture. Keep tapping the icon until it reaches the desired location or the bottom of the page, whichever comes first.

Tap the hashtag icon in the Smart capture menu to add tags to any screenshots you take.

  • You will see some suggested tags, but you can make your own.
  • To save your tag, tap the Save button.
  • The word “Save” is underlined next to a list of Tags.

When you are finished, you can exit the Smart capture menu bar by simply tapping outside of it. You can tap the snapshot preview or go to the Gallery to see the captured screen.

Using Apps


Snapshot of the Touch App Screen

Install the Screenshot Touch app by searching for it in the Play Store.

It is comparable to the app described above. However, the Touch Assistive menu is simple to use in my experience. When you tap that Logo, a window that allows you to capture it will pop up.


Touch Master App

how to take a screenshot on galaxy a32

Touch Master App

Install the TouchMaster (Assistive Touch) app by searching for it on the Play Store.

There are a lot of different Touch Assistants out there, but most of them come packed with a lot of extra capabilities you don’t need. This app can help us get more done while using less storage space.


Tasks Edge panel

how to screenshot on samsung galaxy a32 5g

Tasks Edge panel

When it comes to taking screenshots, the Edge panel of your device might also be of use to you. You will only have to add the Tasks Edge panel and the shortcut for taking a screenshot.

  • Swiping left on the Edge panel handle on the screen’s right side will open the panel. Tap the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen, then swipe to the Tasks panel and tap it to pick it as your active panel.
  • To edit the panel, tap the Edit button. Swipe to the Take screenshots option on the left side of the screen and then press it to add to the list of favorite shortcuts. It will be on the right side of the screen.
  • Please note that the shortcut for taking screenshots might be introduced independently. A list of responsibilities, represented by icons, on a Samsung Galaxy phone
  • You also have the option of selecting more shortcuts or deselecting them, depending on your preferences. Tap the minus sign in the screen’s upper-right corner to delete a shortcut.
  • Please take note that you are only allowed to add a maximum of twelve shortcuts. You may access your Home screen by tapping Back twice, and then navigating to the screen you want to capture is the next step.
  • To open the Edge panel handle, swipe left once more in its direction. Repeat swiping to the left to access the Tasks panel. You can view tasks in this list on the Galaxy phone’s Tasks screen.

Next, select the snapshot option. Your smartphone will capture a screenshot of the currently active screen. When the next time you take a screenshot of your computer screen, utilize this shortcut instead!


Using Manu


This menu is also an exclusive feature of Samsung’s One UI, and it functions very similarly to a touch assistant in the Google Play Store. You can add certain shortcuts or quick actions on your Mobile device and access them from any location if you enable this option.

  • To enable this feature
  • Navigate to the Settings menu
  • Then to Accessibility
  • Then to Interaction and Dexterity
  • And finally, to the Assistant menu.

After activating this function, the app symbol will appear on your screen as a screen overlay. If you press the icon, a menu of available choices will appear. Choose a screenshot to upload from the available options.



You may also capture a screenshot using the Accessibility option, which is correct.

  • To enable this, navigate to Settings
  • Accessibility
  • Installed services
  • Accessibility menu
  • Enable. This will activate the feature.

Following the activation of this feature, It will present you with an additional stick man symbol in the navigation to enable the button navigation. If you press the icon, a menu of available choices will appear. Choose a screenshot to upload from the available options.



We’ve got the guide on How to screenshot on galaxy a32! Screenshots are an important part of any smartphone or tablet user’s arsenal and can be incredibly useful when documenting what happened on your screen.

We’ll walk you through the steps to take a screenshot on your Galaxy A32, and hopefully, this will help you get the screenshots you need every time. Thanks for reading!

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