How to get free money in 2020 | 7 way you can earn extra money

How to get free money in 2020


In this global world, who doesn’t like to get free money? Everyone is in struggles to get some extra income to add the amount to their monthly earnings. Now the question is how to get free money?

Well, if I say you can get free money by just doing nothing, isn’t it interesting? Yes, I am not kidding you. It’s right you can earn money in different ways. Though it may not provide you with a good income, this side hustle will surely make you some passive income monthly.

Money is something that is the basic need of every person. Whether you belong to any profession, you will always prefer cash to get it in rapid and simple steps. In simple words, you can call it free money. There are a lot of ways to get free money.

Don’t forget I am talking about 100% free money that you can get by online apps websites or by government, and different organizations. You can earn it by merely filling the form, downloading apps, cash back apps, bank bonuses, survey websites, reading emails, cluttering and decluttering new things, or reviewing their products.

These tasks are quite simple and exciting. If you are a person who has free time in your daily schedule or you are open at weekends, these hacks of getting 100% free money might attract you. These are methods of getting cash without scams.

 Some people might think that it may be a scam, but no, I have tested these methods of getting free money independently. For your convenience, I have aligned up some ways to get 100% free money by which you can earn some income to add up to your monthly earnings.

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Credit card bonuses:

While listing the method of getting free money at first, I think different banks provide these services. Credit card bonuses are the best and easiest way to get free money without any effort.

 Various banks provide services of opening a free bank account and free issuance of a credit card; besides, they provide bonuses on credit card signups. They required no fees; also, you can earn 5% cashback at any purchase.

For your interest, besides, they give you rewards for Amazon purchases. It’s not specified while you are shopping online or at any departmental stores, gas station, etc. they will provide you with 5% cashback services.


Bill negotiation app:

Many apps negotiate on your daily purchases and lower your bills by adding hidden money automatically. It will negotiate on every online purchase. I have mentioned two apps that help to negotiate your daily online purchase.

Trim is one of them. It will negotiate on the bills of your cable, Telephone and internet services.

 It will cancel those subscriptions, which cause high bills. It can negotiate with your banks by low down your credit card rates and interest rates. You will immediately refund them on unsacred expenses.

Paribus is another online money-saving app by which you can save money by detecting online purchases. If any of the online product purchased rates decreased, it would inform you and claim refunds, or you can claim refunds for late deliveries.

 Remember that pizza delivery strategy. If pizza makers do not deliver pizza in 30 minutes, you may not give pizza payment to them. Same with the case here, it will continuously monitor your online purchase to get you refunds.

The actual bill also helps you to save your tabs by diminishing unwanted subscriptions. It will lower your accounts expense by up to 40%. Isn’t it a suitable method for getting free money online? Indeed it is the easiest way.


How to get free money through just Reading emails ?

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Are you wondering how you get paid for only reading emails? Same here. I wonder who will pay me for this well, and you can get paid by only reading emails. There re many apps which pay you for only reading emails

All you have to do is open emails and read them. You will get some amount in your pocket, but the amount will vary according to apps. It seems a great idea to add some extra amount to your earning. Following are some sites that offer you this getting 100% free cash by email.

Swag bucks are one of the most renowned apps for giving online rewards. It will offer you different bonuses, and a gift card task you can do with less effort reading emails is one of them. It will send you promotional emails. You have to open that email and read it.

 In return, you will get 5$ points from which you get gift cards to purchase at your favourite sites. They will give you free cash from emails.

Inbox will offer you free cash by email in just one or two steps. Open an email and read it afterwards. They will pay you cash that will transfer to your PayPal account. You can withdraw that money while you get $25 in your account money by simply reading emails. They will send emails to your account.


Get Free money by playing games:

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Get Free money by playing games

Are you a game lover? And playing games on your mobile phones or laptops is your hobby? Then this is the best opportunity for you to get extra money by only playing games. However, you cannot make a good income, but it’s excellent to pay for anything you love to do in your spare time.

Several game apps provide you with the facilities of earning 100% free money by playing games, which are as follows.

Misplay will allow you to earn 20$ to 200$ points depending on each game 1500 points equals $5. You have to play the game on your android, pc, or iPhone, and this app will pay.

Swag bucks as I discuss above, Swag bucks pays for different tasks. When Swag bucks play for games, too, when you sign up, you get a $5 bonus instantly.

Lukas tic is the app that pays you cash, prizes, and tokens by playing scratch-off games. Afterwards, they pay you gift cards from 30 exciting brands. It’s a free online app.


Get free money by decluttering your house.

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Get free money by decluttering your house

Imagine getting rid of all those items which are not in use for the past many years. Moreover, it is placed in your house by just covering extra space. You can get rid of those items by just decluttering them with one click and getting 100% free money in just easy steps.

Different apps offer these opportunities to sell your old unused stuff and sell it to them at a reasonable price to other local buyers, isn’t it sounds good? It may be such stuff as books, furniture, electronics, and any old item. Listed some apps and websites below.

OLX. Com:

 It’s a website or platform where you can meet potential buyers and sellers, and you can sell your stuff online. You have to click a picture of your property and upload it with your price and product description. Now potential buyers will get contact you, and you can get free money online.

Book scooter:

This website offers you to sell your old books placed at home and covered with dirt. You can easily find out buyback vendors over there. Set your price, and they will contact you if they are interested. They are also offering free shipping to their sellers and buyers.


 You can use this app. Also, it provides the same facilities as, but it will be charged for shipping.


Get free money by re- cluttering your house:

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Get free money by re- cluttering your house

The app name as neighbour self-storage provides you with the facilities to get free money by just consuming excess space or storage at your home. If you have extra space at your home that is not in use, you can add it to this app by its area width.

When they fill that space, then you get paid for it monthly or yearly depends as per your choice. According to this app, people are earning $15.00 annually by just offering a mini storage side. If you have an interest in it, go for it.


Get free money by losing weight:

That’s my favourite method of getting free money; if you get to know, I will defiantly say this. You will also like this method in this you will get paid for losing some calories. If you are a person who enjoys walking, earn money by just completing the target.

There is a various app which offers you money by only completing your bet at your committed time. Now you may be wondering that it might be a scam? Don’t waste your time by thinking this. Download this app and check on your own. I can guarantee you its work.

Healthy Wage, sweat coin, debit, and Walgreens are other apps, which offer you free money to lose weight.


Final words:

Getting free money is not that hard all you need to know the different method and ways to earn extra income with fewer efforts hope you like the techniques that I have discussed above and helped you get 100% free money.