How to get followers on Pinterest | complete guide tips and tricks

How to get followers on Pinterest

Complete guide, tips and tricks

Are you interested in increasing followers on Pinterest?

Obviously yes! Who will not want to be famous? Well, I have different ideas to get followers on Pinterest that will help you to increase your followers’ circle.

Wait! Why don’t we first have a quick review of these social media services?

Pinterest is a social media service designed to share images or visual ideas by saving and discovering new information from different people worldwide.

It is working on a small scale. We can share different images, GIFs, and videos. 

It is shared in the form of pin boards. This site was created by America and developed by Paul Sciarra, even sharp and Ben Silber Mann.

More than 400 million active users are used Pinterest to enjoy the services with beautiful visual displays. Bloggers and entrepreneurs love this platform, and many of them are getting a million followers.

As we all know that the more followers, the more authentic and credible your Pinterest account will be. It applies to every social media platform. If your audience is satisfied and knows some of the factors, then no one can stop you. The sky is the limit.

So, let’s discuss the critical method or ideas that help you get more followers without further ado.


1-Maintain your profile

One must have to complete the profile information. Adding the necessary information is not enough. You must add complete details like a brief description of your mission and a short description of your content. You must add a link to your website, and it’s okay if you add your general location.

All you need to do is;

  • Go to your profile
  • Click on the gear icon
  • And click profile

You need to add detailed information to your post. To isn’t it seems awkward if your post looks incomplete? Many people like your uploaded picture, but its required information is zero, so for that, you need to add a proper description of your pin.


2-Engage on Pinterest


Engage on Pinterest

First, you need to engage on Pinterest by following different people who have good followers and commenting on their posts to be visible on this platform. You have to pin manually regularly. You need to go to the trending and explore pages and re-pin them.

Follow your relevant board. You have to look keenly at what is getting famous on Pinterest and follow them, look at their ideas carefully, and add them to your content; don’t copy, take a hint.

Remember one thing while commenting on someone’s post; you don’t need to add full comments. Add a two-word comment of inspiration overdo of words make you look spam.


3-Add own content on Pinterest

how to get followers on pinterest

Add own content on Pinterest

Your followers need fresh content. They are following you for some unique content, or your work inspires them, so adding copied click or content is foolishness.

Try to add authentic and unique pictures, videos, and clicks. That you are fit with your theme, around 80% of posts on Pinterest are re-pins.

However, re-pinning is essential for getting more followers but keep in mind excessiveness’ of anything is dangerous. Add your values and stuff.

One more thing to be noticed while adding content on Pinterest is only to add there. Don’t use that stuff on any social media platform. It makes your content more worthy.  


4-Interaction with other Pinterest account

Use relevant hashtags that goes along with your topic. Try to follow those people who are your competitor who have the same topic of content. Comment on their post.

If you comment on your competitor’s post, then people who are following your account might follow you too.

Using the right hashtag makes you visible on search engines and optimize your account. Easily follow famous people’s boards and try not to skip them.

Try to follow as many accounts as possible. Try to comment back to the people who follow you and be generous to use your word frequently to make them comfortable with you.

It will imprint a good impact on your followers, and they will take more interest in your content. Many businesses are getting in at this platform. Attract followers by conniving the benefits of your work.


5-Join relevant group boards

Boards play a vital role in getting followers. Many people preferred to follow bords instead of following the whole profile. Pin your popular board at the top of your profile so people can easily follow them without any delay.

Try to add related pictures on the related board. When someone searches for the board, it will be directly visible to the pinners if you added your picture to the right board. Use exact keywords and description on your board.

People are getting integrated, and they also don’t want extra stuff, which takes time organization of the board is very important.

If you organize every board on your profile, people will like to reach your profile because an organized board takes less time to search for the needed content.


6-Know your audience

how to get more followers on pinterest

Know your audience

The Pinterest audience is relatively well-educated. Approximately 70% of Pinterest users are women, and the rest are men. Try to select your topic according to women’s needs, but now the number of men is also increasing.

Most of the females are under the age group of 25 to 35, and they are from the United States, so it is a fact that your targeted audience is the US, but with time, the number of Asian followers is also increasing day by day.

If we talk about active users, then on holidays, many active users engage with your content. For example, if you post on Christmas, many active users love to watch new interior, new clothes design, and also there will be a holiday, and they have a lot of leisure time.

If we talk about active Pinterest audience time, then pinning your content at night between afternoon and midnight from 11 pm to the day’s active hour or 9 am.


7-Promote your profile on other social apps or websites

how to get followers on pinterest fast

Promote your profile on other social apps or websites

Promoting your profile is the best idea to get followers. Many users are using other social media apps, and to get more followers, all we need to do is follow up with a link to our Pinterest accounts or add a follow-up link to a brand website.

We can also advertise our Pinterest account on different social media apps because people frequently use various social apps. It’s a quick, simple, and reliable way to engage the audience on your profile with some simple efforts.

It’s a matter of budget. If you have a sufficient budget to promote your pin, then don’t waste your time and target your well-performing pin to reach new followers. Promoted pins gradually grasp organic pinners.


8- Schedule your Pinterest posting

Maintaining your posting is a significant step. To keep balance in your posting and consistency is vital for getting followers. If you post your content actively, then pinners will engage on your pin daily basis.

If you frequently pin on your profile, then Pinterest will not optimize your pin, so you need to be cautious about this.

If you are working as a brand, then you also need to focus on scheduling majorly. It is examining that most clothing or accessories brands pin their content before 45 days of any start of the season.

Sometimes business pinners schedule pins before 3 to 4 months of any event to maximize their sales profit. You always need to correspond to the calendar and mark your scheduling according to date and time to avoid confusion.


9-Organize a contest

The best source of getting organic pinners is to organize a contest. You can add any giveaways to your profile to add more followers, ask your followers to invite more followers on your pins, and decide on some giveaways to reward them.

Create a hashtag through that participants encourages more to join. Remember, your rules must be exact, and according to Pinterest’s guidelines, some fundamental Pinterest guidelines permit one-person on one entry. Have to follow all rules and regulations.

If you follow all the guidelines, then it is an easy and quick way to get your followers in just a short time, and secondly, your followers will love you for giveaways.


10-Beautiful visuals

Beautiful things always attract the viewer. According to Pinterest, the same is the case here; eye-catching images contain three everyday things. Photos must be beautiful, engaging, and actionable.

Above are the qualities of beautiful pins that perform heigh on Pinterest and make pins more excellent. There are some points which are as follows;

  • Images must be in high resolution, and quality pixels must n heigh
  • Avoid busy images
  • Make idol images ratio of 2:3 long images will cut off.
  • Try to pin short videos. It works wonder
  • Post pictures of lifestyle
  • Post vertical, horizontal pictures instead of horizontal because people mostly used Pinterest on mobiles.


Final thoughts

I hope this information might get you, followers, on Pinterest and help you be visible on Pinterest and enjoy pinning with a useful guide.