What Is SAAS Marketing | Complete guide to SAAS Marketing



If you are not from an IT (Information technology) background and wondering what is SAAS marketing? I know this might be the first question that comes to your mind. Well, first, we have to understand what SAAS is?

It is the abbreviation of software as a service, which means you are using software on the cloud. In simple words, if I explain, it is. You are working on software that is installed on any other server.

You control it, but its working evaluation and operation are running at the server. SAAS gives access to users to connect and utilize the cloud-based app on the internet.

SAAS marketing is challenging because we are not marketing any physical product, and most people are not aware of these kinds of applications. 

SAAS marketing is defined as the process of marketing your cloud-based applications on different channels through different strategies.

It is similar to traditional marketing but a little bit of the addition of modern technology. Marketing basics aims to attract customers for an extended period by acknowledging their needs and solving their requirements or problems.

The primary purpose of any SAAS marketer is to increase the revenues. For this, they implement different strategies and ideas to convert website visitors into paying customers.


Types of SAAS marketing 

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Software as a service marketing is not categorized into any classification, but it does have types, so without further ado, let’s have a quick review on them.

  • Inbound SAAS marketing; uses different outlets such as search engines, social media, and blogs to attract quality leads. In inbound marketing, we have to match the client’s needs through our app. But it is researched that 61% of information is less than an outbound lead.
  • Outbound SAAS marketing; is the traditional method of marketing. The significant difference between inbound and outbound is in inbound client connect you directly.

While in outbound SAAS marketing or connect clients through emails or newspapers. Nowadays, outbound marketing is losing its value.

  • Online SAAS marketing; It is most famous in the marketing business. It compresses search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and email marketing.
  • Offline SAAS marketing; utilizes offline tools to initiate their services through radio, newspaper, or television.


Why SAAS marketing differs from other marketing?

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SAAS marketing is different from other marketing because here we are intangible marketing stuff. It is hard for the marketer to sell this kind of service, and many people are even not aware of these cloud marketing.

But some key points make SAAS marketing different from any other marketing. These are also called SAAS marketing tactics. So let’s have a close look at them;


Acquisition (giving free stuff)

You always have listened to this while selling physical goods retailers always ask for free samples, and you offer them free samples to check the product. It’s common. Many marketers implement this strategy.

If you are selling any eatable product, you give some of the pieces of that product to test, but you never give them full item to check. In SAAS marketing, we offer complete services for trials.

You might listen to these terms that “trial to paid offers,” “services with free trials,” “free trial with credit card information,” or “freemium model.”


Website conversations

Many services marketers use this idea. They make their potential visitors hire their services/products by making CTAs (call to action). They make sloppy homepages where they added different call action links.

You must see this follow us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our channel/blog, start a free trial. By this, you can attract people to be updated by your services and hire them. Now sit back and lets CTAs work.

It will automatically attract people. Remember one thing your CTAs must be clear and action-oriented.


Short sale cycle

The best thing is that this type of marketing has a short sale cycle. SAAS customers always take less time to hire or buy any product if he requires something; he will search online, get information and then buy the product or hire the services.

It eventually takes a few days, sometimes a few hours, and imagining a sale circle which prolongs up to a month or more then it seems an eternity to the SAAS marketer.

The best thing for males to work rapidly is their working software more professionally; they are optimized more perfectly. They are going to perform and rolling up the number of incomes.


Excellent security 

The best thing about this software is that they have excellent security. Software servers are secured enough. The hacker might think twice a time before hacking this software because all operations are running at the server’s process, there are least chances to hack any software. your information will be safe there.


Retention (stick customers around)

Next is to stick your customer around your services. You can do this by forwarding follow-up emails, updating new trends, encouraging referrals with discounts/incentives, and providing good customer care services.

You will provide solutions to customer problems, new ideas to rich their revenues and upgrade software performance.


What are the best SAAS marketing agencies?

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There is an enormous growth in SAAS marketing growth that claims they offer the best services. Every business wants to earn good revenues for this purpose. They reach different agencies to do SaaS marketing of their business.

So, I have aligned some best SAAS marketing agencies which are providing reasonable customer satisfaction that is mention below;

  • APPOLO DIGITAL; this agency is doing content marketing to generate the leads
  • BOUNTY HUNTER; is comprised of a team of fully dedicated six people. They are working on data-driven acquisition and providing PPC, link building, and product marketing.
  • FLYING CAT MARKETING; This agency provides content marketing services, and it belongs to the hospitality industry.
  • BRAINY BESS; is a content marketing and PR marketing agency.

There are different strategies when you are doing SAAS marketing to adopt them as per your need. I am going to discuss the b2b strategy quickly.


B2b SAAS marketing strategy

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In this, companies sell their software to other businesses as a service. These services/products help the software to run more accurately and quickly. It allows the operations to work more smoothly.

A large number of companies trust these services to optimize their sales and customers services needs.b2b SAAS is getting famous day by day because it is simplifying the customer and business needs. If they satisfy the customer through their services, then there is no way to get back.

Customers will always approach them; however, B2b sass marketing is relatively challenging than b2c marketing. It takes some time, but it is a more affectable and easy marketing technique that businesses are adopting. 

Many organizations got exposure and stood firmly in the markets through b2b SAAS marketing. For your convenience, I have curated some best SAAS companies.

  • HubSpot; Hub Spot is ranked 74 in market presences. And marked excellent is customer satisfaction services. An inbound marketing software company focuses on CRM tools, social media marketing, web analytics, and content management.
  • Google; According to G2, Google was ranked 92 in market presence and ranked in the excellent satisfaction customer list. It owns 137 products that aim to focus on internet related services such as digital analytics, document creation, online advertising, and much more.
  • Adobe; It owns up to 50 computer software products, which is a relatively good number. These software products are compressed on digital marketing, printing, digital media, and publishing.
  • Mail chimp; It is a marketing software that allows you to send automated emails and track their results. Mail chimp owns three significant products. It was ranked 85 in the market presence with excellent satisfaction services.
  • Microsoft; is a renowned SAAS company that owned over 100 different cloud products that used a variety of immense software. This software giant was ranked 89 in-market presence with a higher score of satisfaction.
  • Zoom; It provides facilities of video conferencing for hosting remote meetings. Due to the pandemic situation globally, market presences are experiencing rapid growth in the market, and up to 107% growth is monitored in the zoom cloud application.


What are SAAS marketing channels?

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What are SAAS marketing channels?

When you work on a SAAS marketing business, there is no way to copy your competitor’s channel and campaign platform. You need to add to your values, measurement, experimentation, and introduce your own culture.

For your assistance, I have listed some effectible channels that are preferable for new SAAS startups, and these channels might help increase the revenues.

  • Organic search or SEO (search engine optimization) is the most common channel that small companies use to get organic traffic at their websites to make a good lead.
  • Content marketing is the right channel.
  • Email marketing is a good option. You have to send follow-up emails.
  • Social media is the most robust channel.


Final words

I hope this information might b useful for new SAAS marketers or new SAAS business. This marketing tactic is getting famous day by day due to many reasons. Software as a service is the right choice for new business startups.