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As per a study conducted by Georgetown University’s Center on Education, an estimated 70 percent of school students work while attending college.

Maintaining employment throughout the demanding faculty years is not a simple feat, especially for areas that require conventional, 9 to 5 hours; several times, these companies give little flexibility concerning change changes with a few just offering full-time, salaried positions which may not be conducive to college programs.

Fortunately for pupils, however, many jobs provide weekend and night hours to qualified candidates. Since we believe that students should not need to hunt far and wide to get a fair wage, we have compiled a listing of the 24 Best jobs for college students.

Each of these positions provides the support that pupils will need to keep them afloat through college days.


1. Call Center representational

College students can build a cushion by placing on a headset and working in a call center. As several companies’ assignment to receive their customers to answer the phone, most require workers to have free evening and weekend availability, a schedule that many college students can easily perpetrate.

Though this job could fit nicely for almost any student who speaks clearly and is not scared to make a sales pitch, employers often seek out bilingual candidates or possess previous sales experience.


  • Handling inbound/outbound calls
  • Reading from a pre-determined script.
  • Selling products/asking for donations.
  • Inputting customer information
  • Assessing customer problems


2. Virtual Assistant (VA) job

jobs for college students

Virtual Assistant (VA) job

The 21st-century answer to the personal assistant is your digital helper, an admin-savvy partner that helps busy people with daily tasks, scheduling, appointment setting, IT, research, and more. All work can be performed remotely and, sometimes, at any time of the day.


  • Creating and keeping schedules
  • Booking travel bookings
  • Running research
  • Managing fiscal information
  • IT, site, and Social Networking support

Hourly Pay: 

The typical pay for a digital assistant is $15.64/hour.


3. On-Demand Staffing Jobs

Those searching for variety and ultimate flexibility need to look no further than Wonolo, our on-demand solution that puts you in contact with firms in need of additional help.

Once your setup is approved, all you need to do is take the tasks that function for you. To learn and earn more about how you can get started, visit our locate work’ page.


  • Varies Depending upon Your skillset

Hourly Pay:

Varies depending on skillset and place


4. Warehouse Associate (WA) Job

No, you do not need to know how to run a forklift to nab a warehousing job–however, it can help you earn more cash if you’re doing it! With the e-commerce industry experiencing an unprecedented explosion, more and more warehouses are operating around the clock to best their already-speedy satisfaction prices.

Why is warehousing such an excellent initiative for school students is that many continue operations on nights and weekends, and ultra-busy peaks typically align themselves perfectly with vacation breaks, allowing for much extra money flow when school isn’t in session.


  • Order picking
  • Sorting and packaging
  • Heavy machinery operation
  • Administrative work
  • Inventory control
  • Quality control

Hourly Purchase:

The average cover of a warehouse partner ranges from around $10 to $18 per hour.


5.  Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Are you a pet lover needing some excess money? Websites like Rover offer on-demand employment choices which match with the most offbeat programs.

People who are willing and ready to host doggy daycares and pet sits can wind up making double the total amount of cash as puppy walkers. Obviously, your earnings might be higher for those who have experience working with nontraditional animals, like farm animals, reptiles, and horses.

Hourly Purchase: 

The ordinary pay for pet walking or pet sitting is $15-40/hour based on location and responsibilities done.


6. Food Service Worker

best jobs for college students

Food Service Worker

Waiting tables to get through faculty may seem like a cliche, but there is a reason serving many slinging espresso beverages and washing dishes are these popular tasks among pupils.

Besides this versatility, many foodservice employees reap the advantages of additional income in the kind of hints, particularly during the peak holiday seasons when college isn’t session.


  • Accepting orders
  • Serving food
  • Making beverages
  • Managing cash and charge cards
  • Moderate food prep

Hourly Purchase: 

Hourly cover food service employees change based on the condition. However, most make minimal wage base pay and tips.


7.  Home Health Aide

Home health aides will be the unsung heroes of the medical business, supplying home-based support to people who may not be pleased to keep in or cover for a traditional nursing home setting.

Based on the individual’s character, many home health aides don’t require a nursing certification –just present CPR and first aid training, together with technical instruction, usually supplied by the hiring firm. The work also provides lots of versatility in the kind of weekend and night hours.


  • Supplying palliative care
  • Moderate meal prep
  • Allowing patients to physicians appointments
  • Giving updates to family and caretakers through daily


Based on Zip Recruiter, home health aides earn about $24,458 yearly.


8. Sales Associate

Like food service employees, sales partners enjoy flexibility concerning scheduling and change coverage, which may be convenient during incredibly stressful faculty months.

Many seasonal sales associate jobs available during school college vacation weeks, a bonus for students who must earn additional cash while on rest.


  • Managing cash and charge cards
  • Upselling and earning sales
  • Organizing shop inventory
  • Shop cleanup


9. Tutor 

Not every college student has the wisdom or wherewithal to mentor, but the individuals who profit from among the most excellent hourly prices on this listing.

Tutoring jobs are located in an assortment of areas, in peer tutoring programs in the university, in private companies, or even remotely, in online formats.

Whichever platform the coach uses, they are sure to find lots of freedom and satisfaction from this part-time occupation.


  • Issue tutoring
  • Exam preparation
  • Essay training
  • Based on expertise and customer requirements.


10. Administrative Assistant

good jobs for college students

Administrative Assistant

Firms hiring administrative assistants might not supply the exact same amount of versatility as restaurants or retail stores; however, they provide expert office environments that could give college students a true advantage as they head to the real world.

This makes administrative tasks a fantastic match for students considering pursuing careers requiring specialized abilities, such as bookkeeping, office management, and HR.

Hourly Purchase: 

Administrative advocates make a mean of $13/hour.


11. Fitness Receptionist

Gyms open their doors shut them with many even remaining open 24 hours every day, 7 days per week. These hours result in a fantastic scheduling chance for school students in college to get a conventional 9-5 day.

Many gyms offer you free or deep reductions to workers to sweeten the deal, which may save strapped-for-cash pupils valuable dough monthly.


  • Signing up new members
  • Offering gym excursions
  • Cleaning gear
  • Assessing in guests
  • Performing recordkeeping jobs

Hourly Purchase: 

Generally, fitness center receptionists earn $12.40/hour.


12. Hotel Front Desk Receptionist

Very similar to fitness center secretary tasks, hotel receptionist positions give the capacity of 24-hour scheduling, which may fit nicely inside the work times of almost any college student.

As a bonus, graveyard changes often feature lots of downtimes, which may translate to quiet study time for students working throughout the evening.


  • Greeting and assessing in/checking out resort guests
  • Assessing any queries and document any complaints
  • Communication with upkeep and space service
  • Completing basic accounting and cashiering procedures
  • Running computer applications
  • Answering phones

Hourly Purchase: 

Most resort front desk receptionists create a mean of $10.28/hour.


13. Lifeguard

Full-time students seeking summer employment options could benefit from looking into neighborhood lifeguarding positions.

You will find plenty of different companies who choose summer lifeguards, from shores to resorts to neighborhood swim facilities, and much more.

Note: many companies need lifeguards to become certified through the Red Cross before submitting a program.


  • Closing/opening swimming facility
  • Tracking swimming place for security concerns
  • Tracking weather reports for dangerous conditions
  • Overseeing swim parties

Hourly Purchase: 

Generally, pool lifeguards earn $9.16/hour.


14.  Social Media Assistant

summer jobs for college students

Social Media Assistant

Companies like to employ young, college-age workers to conduct their social networking accounts simply because, let’s face it, college-age individuals are already on social networking a lot nowadays.

These are part-time, hourly positions that provide work that may be carried out remotely, such as social media effort scheduling, client support jobs, picture uploads, and study.


  • Assisting sociable media direction
  • SEO optimization
  • Blogging
  • Communication direction
  • Article scheduling
  • Customer participation

Hourly Pay: 

Generally, social networking advocates earn $16/hour.


15. Rideshare Driver

Driving for a ridesharing program, such as Uber or even Lyft, is a superb alternative for college students since the task offers 24/7 hours with cover generally being at its greatest on weekends and evenings.

Right now, the most excellent apps have drivers on the street in under a week, which makes for near-instant employment. Notice: Many cities need rideshare motorists to be at least 21 decades old.

Hourly Pay: 

Pay may fluctuate significantly based upon the town, tips obtained, and the hours drove. It’s projected that Lyft drivers earn approximately $17.50/hour while Uber drivers earn roughly $15/hour.


16. Cleaner

Whether working in houses, schools, offices, or restaurants, cleaning tasks provide lots of flexibility in the shape of late or early work hours, even with a few companies offering extended periods during the day.

Typically cleaners can place their own program, and especially entrepreneurial people may even observe an independent business opportunity within this low-overhead support.

Hourly Purchase: 

Generally, cleaners earn $10.49/hour.


17. Bank Teller


College pupils attending school at night or even online that want to construct a more conventional program would gain from bank teller places.


  • Supplying account services to clients
  • Managing money and confidential data
  • Opening/closing client bank accounts
  • After all, safety protocol.
  • Fundamental recordkeeping

Hourly Purchase: 

Generally, bank tellers earn approximately $12/hour.


18. Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors operate for several organizations, such as sports clubs, restaurants, and hospitality companies, beverage manufacturers, food manufacturers, clubs, and much more.

Ordinarily, these brands search for homeless, good-looking young men and women ready to educate the general public on a particular item. Hours usually include evenings and weekends.


  • Hand out merchandise
  • Engage with the people
  • Monitor customer comments
  • Setup/break down business booths
  • Build a relationship with customers
  • Traveling to each place

Hourly Purchase: 

Most new ambassadors earn approximately $17/hour.


19. House Painter

Once hired, many home painters can place their own programs, and the individual ones may also set their own prices. Note: Both companies and clients may check references.

Therefore any aspiring employees have to make sure they provide sufficient evidence of the painting skills when implementing.


  • Painting required interior/exterior regions
  • Supplying cleanup and prep
  • Purchasing paint along with other essential products
  • Communication with the client about the desired outcome

Hourly Purchase: 

Generally, painters earn $15.80 per hour.


20. Tour Guide

It is common to find students providing excursions on campus, but town tour guide jobs will also be suitable options for school students in need of money and flexible programs.

As an additional bonus, many tour guides reap the benefit of money tips at the excursions’ ending.


  • Educating the General Public on the foundation of this town
  • Answering questions
  • Assessing targeted themes
  • Minor accounting
  • Driving (in Some Instances)

Hourly Purchase: 

Tour manuals make about $13/hour.


21. Resident Advisor

College students needing free board and room and additional money should think about applying to their college’s resident adviser program.

Resident advisers, or RAs, reside in the dormitories alongside pupils and give residents and the college support in rule and security enforcement.

They also work in many different clerical functions that encourage the management of the dwelling quarters, including accounting, answering telephones, and providing tours.

Hourly Purchase: 

Resident adviser programs differ from school to college. Check with your college to acquire their essential payment details.


22. Interpreter/Translator

Interpreter/translator occupations are excellent matches for fully bilingual college students. Translators usually work only with written text, together with many businesses and customers offering entirely remote choices.

Interpreters are generally required to operate in-house in many different unique places, such as schools, courthouses, and medical centers. Both provide flexible, part-time programs and are particularly opportune for speech or linguistics pupils.

Hourly Pay: 

Purchase translators and interpreters may fluctuate significantly based on the requirement, the terminology, and secondary schooling the team member might take.


23. Fitness Instructor

Gyms are always on the lookout for talented physical fitness instructors with lots of early mornings and late-night accessibility for their clientele.

Hourly Purchase: 

The ordinary pay for a gym is 19.79/hour.


24. Online Data Entry Clerk

online jobs for college students

Online Data Entry Clerk

Students seeking a fully-remote position need to look no farther than the internet data entry area. These simple jobs can be carried out at any given time of the night or day, by the comfort of a dorm room, and usually only want a basic understanding of data entry and information preservation.

Note: some businesses need scanning and IT tracking evaluations as part of the program procedures.

Hourly Purchase: 

Generally, data entry clerks earn $12.68/hour.