BBA Degrees 2021 | Salary, job and scope



BBA stands for “Bachelor of Business Administration.” It is an undergraduate degree and has a considerable scope nowadays. This course teaches you administration skills in different fields.

You get to know the various aspects of business and business management. Some universities offer four-year programs, and some offer three years to complete your bachelor’s degree.

BBA Degree also allows choosing a significant subject as a specialization even at graduation level. You also learn and study minor issues along with your multiple topics.

You can do MBA after graduation or apply for a job. There are a lot of job options for BBA students, which are listed at the end.



The BBA degree improves practical skills and analytical knowledge. This strengthens your ability of decision-making and also develops strong interpersonal and communication skills.

You learn to manage different situations and things in different ways. This also polishes your administration qualities.


Eligibility Criteria:

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Eligibility Criteria

You have to clear your 12th grade or intermediate to get admission in BBA, and for post-graduation, you need a graduation degree of four to three years’ course duration.

Some universities also require entrance exams before admitting the students, and some colleges may conduct interviews to check your practical knowledge and interpersonal skills. 


Course Duration:

BBA course is of four years. Some universities offer three years. The MBA or post-graduation course is for two years.


Course Subjects:

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Course Subjects

Financial accounting, introduction to business, mathematics, business communication, account management, money & banking, human resource management, Current Business Affairs, Credit Management, principles of marketing, sales management, advertising, cost accounting, etc.


Universities for BBA Degree:

  • London Business School, UK
  • INSEAD University, France
  • Harvard University, US
  • Stanford University, US
  • London School of Economics and Political Science


Universities offering BBA Degree in Pakistan:

  • Lahore school of economics
  • Bahria University
  • University of management & technology
  • Institution of business administration, Karachi
  • Iqra University Karachi
  • National Textile University, Faisalabad
  • National College of Arts, Lahore
  • Government college university, Faisalabad



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You can choose any subject of your interest for specialization. You have the option of selecting topics at bachelor’s level then go for post-graduation in that specific subject.

If you are interested in medicine and couldn’t choose nursing or MBBS, then healthcare & hospital management is the best choice. This is the most popular and demanded field at present.

Another option is hotel management. If you are interested in cooking or serving and want to show your skills, you can go for this as your primary subject during graduation. This is also beneficial if you are planning to open your restaurant or hotel in the future.

Travel and tourism management is the most exciting and exciting category. You can become a tour guide and arrange tours for people to different cities and countries.

This allows you to improve your management skills and also you can explore various places as well. If you are interested in communication or journalism, then you can go for communication and media management.

This allows you to do a frontline job as an anchor. And if you interest in technology, then you can be the manager of the back camera team.

International business management is one of the emerging and highly paid fields nowadays. You can run your import and export business with other countries. You can also go for forex trading or blockchain and earn a lot of profit.

This course deals with different ways of applying strategic thinking to human resources. It aims to provide students with opportunities to synthesize managerial strategy issues with human resource management processes in a considered and reflective manner.

Marketing research is another specialization in this course. This course introduces the students to the fundamentals of marketing. The study areas include marketing research, marketing environment, marketing segmentation, targeting, product designing, pricing, and information systems.

Organizational development is for those who are interested in developing and managing organizations. This course examines the philosophy and practice of organizational development as it relates to employee involvement.

It covers broad issues ranging from core ideology to concepts of leadership and empowerment to infrastructure considerations such as structure and culture and applying change initiatives related to continuous improvement. 

You can opt for Statistics if you have an interest in mathematics and stats. The main objective of this field is to work on real-life examples and implement the knowledge practically.


Job & Salaries

Banking & Insurance:

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Banking & Insurance

Bankers work in different positions in the bank and help people in saving money. They develop safe and secure systems for saving money and make sure that it is free of any fraud.

The insurance company gives profit to the customers at every deposit in the bank. Both jobs provide promotions to the candidates after completing specific targets.

You need a bachelor’s to be eligible for this job, but a master’s degree is also valid. The average salary is 30,000 to 40,000 dollars at the start, but increases with every promotion and job are converted into government after achieving certain levels.


Data Scientist:

A scientist’s job is to collect data from structured or unstructured information and then make the decisions and plans for their clients. They have the skills to solve problems.

They have to research and study all the data correctly and make decisions out of them. They work with different members, designers to develop the best plans and strategies for their clients. They can interpret information from random data.

It would help if you had a bachelor’s degree to apply for this job. A Master’s degree is also valid. The average salary for data scientists is 70,000 to 100,000 dollars.


Join Public Services:

Civil Services:

You can get a job in civil services if you have a BBA degree. Students have to give the civil service examination to apply for this job. BBA students are preferred over other students as they have studied administration during their academic years.

They are shortlisted and selected based on their examination and interview.

Civil services require a bachelor’s degree along with an entrance examination. The age of the candidate should not be above 32 and below 21. The salary of a civil service candidate is round about 80,000 dollars per year, depending on the category of your job status.


Defense Services:

These jobs have the same criteria as civil services. Candidates have to give an entrance exam to apply for this job. They are selected based on their examination.


Banking Sector:

If you have a degree in BBA, you are good to go for government jobs in banking. Students can apply as a clerk or Provisional Officer after BBA. Their selection is based on the performance in the exam, followed by an interview.


Become a Digital Marketer:

Choosing digital marketing as a career after BBA is considered the best choice. You can run your own business or make a website. You can even establish your agency for digital marketing. Digital marketing is the most demanded job nowadays. 

It would help if you had MBA or BBA degree to work as a digital marketer. If you have completed your marketing degree, you can work as a brand manager, sales manager, analyst, and public relations manager. You can earn up to 50,000 to 60,000 dollars per year as a digital marketer.


Product Manager:

The job of a product manager is to manage everything related to that specific product. The digital designers and engineers depend on the product manager for guidance and instructions. He also guides salespersons to make the best use of the product and make that its selling is good. 

It would help if you had a graduation degree in BBA to apply for this job. Some organizations also conduct interviews before selecting the candidates. The average salary of a product manager is 40,000 to 50,000 dollars.


Become a Blockchain Expert:

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Become a Blockchain Expert

Blockchain experts develop safe and secure systems for blockchain transactions. They must know the knowledge of cryptography or cryptocurrency and banking to make succeed in this field.

They create specific applications and provide safe services to the clients to prevent any fraud or hack.

To work in blockchain or to become a blockchain expert, you need a bachelor’s degree. Along with the degree, you also need software knowledge.

The salary is not fixed if you are running your own business. You can make a lot of money with currency exchange, and it can be 60,000 to 70.000 dollars on average.


Finance manager:

A finance manager manages the finances of a company. He is responsible for all the budget and income of the team members or clients. He collects data and makes reports of the information weekly or monthly.

He helps and advises clients on successful business planning. He has to make sure that the business is financially stable and that there is no risk of loss in the future.

A bachelor’s degree is required to become a finance manager. You should have mathematical and analytical skills to excel in this field. A finance manager’s average salary is 60,000 to 80,000 dollars based on your skills and experience in this field.


Humane resource manager:

A human resource manager has to manage the hiring process of a company. He is responsible for the hiring and interviewing procedure for candidates applying for a job in that organization.

He works and selects the team. He maintains the whole cycle of an employee. He is responsible for their training management and workforce engagement.

It would help if you had a bachelor’s degree of four or three years to become eligible for this job. Some companies also require three to five years of experience. A human resource manager’s annual salary is 70,000 to 100,000 dollars based on the country and background.


Research and development manager:

This job is for those candidates who are interested in the research process. You have to do proper research for all the data and present this to your company.

The data includes the latest trends and updates or new information. You have to be aware of the current report to maintain your company’s competitiveness and help your organization implement the latest knowledge and information.

You can apply for this job if you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The average salary of a research and development manager is 90,000 to 100,000 dollars per year.