Associate Of Applied Science (AAS) | Degree Requirements, fee and universities

Associate Of Applied Science


Are you considering getting an associate of applied science (AAS) degree? It’s easy to see that this is appealing. AAS degree holders may wear various interesting work names, ranging from medical surgeon to chemical engineer.

You will also complete your AAS. degree in only two years, helping you join the workforce quickly and begin doing something you enjoy every day. Does that sound promising? Continue reading to find out more about receiving an associate of applied science (AAS) degree.

An associate of applied science (AAS) is a specialized degree achieved after two years of professional education. AAS degree programs are available at various institutions, like public universities, vocational schools, and several four-year colleges.

Students of AAS programs are typically required to take the bulk of their classes in, you guessed it, the applied sciences.

This curriculum requires adapting theoretical expertise to specific applications. For example, consider the following: investigating murders by analyzing biological data, improving technologies to enhance hospitals, using Earth-rotating satellites to have a global impact, etc.

In general, the applied sciences provide everything that uses practical experience to shape people’s everyday lives.


How Long Does an Associate of Applied Science (AAS)Degree Take?



While most associate degrees may be completed in two years or less, earning an associate of applied science can take a little longer, depending on the curriculum and field of study.

This is because AAS degrees generally need 60-80 credit hours, while most associate degree programs typically take 48-60 credit hours. Bear in mind, though, that the extra credit hours can be significant despite future earnings.

As you will see down, an associate of applied science degree will lead to a few top-paying jobs in the future.


What is an Associate Degree Holder’s Status?

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What is an Associate Degree Holder’s Status

An Associate Degree holder would be a mere “Graduate” since this degree is equal to a B.A./BSc (Pass) degree in terms of rank. This qualification is at the bottom of the graduate certification ladder awarded by international universities.

Since completing two years in a four-year regular undergraduate (B.S.) curriculum, the associate degree is not conferred generically. The idea of an Associate Degree originated in the United States and is now being implemented in many technologically developed nations such as Australia, Canada, and Japan, among others.

An Associate Degree plan is typically designed to be completed in four standard semesters over two years. It comprises 65-68 credit hours.


Jobs Available for an AAS Degree

So, what sorts of positions are available for an AAS degree? We rounded up a few lucrative jobs that you should undertake as an associate in applied science based on 2019 income results from the Department of Labor:

  • Veterinary Technician
  • Web Designer
  • Sonographer of Medicine
  • Dentist/Dental Hygienist
  • Assisting Physical Therapist
  • Technician in Chemistry
  • Technician in Geology and Petroleum
  • Radiology Technician


Why Do You Undertake an A.A.S. Degree?

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Why Do You Undertake an A.A.S. Degree?

While earning an associate in applied science only requires a couple of years, it is often a significant time and financial investment. Here are a couple of vital factors why you would want to consider an A.A.S. degree to take the best decision for you:


i. Get Working Right Now

Do you want to kick-start your career? An associate of applied science degree could be the best route to take. However, unlike most associate degree programs, they are not a necessary step to a graduate degree.

Therefore, they stress professional training and workplace preparation to prepare students to plan to join the workforce right away.


ii. High-Paying Job

Since A.A.S. degree programs are often highly specialized and stress hard skills, they can contribute to some incredibly lucrative jobs. Of course, the amount you earn is determined by the profession you chose.

However, as shown by the positions mentioned above, many well-paying jobs have an applied science degree advantages available to A.A.S. college graduates.


iii. Mobility

Are you not yet able to agree to 4 years of late-night studying at university? We fully understand. When you’re not sure if you’d like to pursue your studies, obtaining an associate in applied science is a perfect choice because it allows you to work in various fields.

After two years, you could gain your A.A.S. and begin operating immediately. If you’d like to continue your education and get your graduate degree?


What Jobs Are Available For an Associate in Applied Science Degree?

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What Jobs Are Available For an Associate in Applied Science Degree?

An associate degree is perhaps a two-year degree usually received from a public college/university, but some conventional colleges still sell them. Associate of applied science, or A.A.S., programs are accessible in various fields.

Still, while some candidates earn their associate’s as a precursor toward finishing their bachelor’s degree, an A.A.S. is suitable for specific jobs on its own. Students pursuing an A.A.S., like those seeking a bachelor’s, can choose a program.


1. Positions in Health Care

An associate’s degree in applied science may meet the educational standards for a variety of healthcare occupations. For example, paramedics also start their jobs as medical emergency practitioners, a profession that usually needs less training; to progress to a paramedic, an associate’s program in applied science could be required.

Likewise, clinical laboratory staff works under the supervision of a healthcare manager and another medical provider to handle blood, urine, or tissue samples.

Since earning an associate of applied science program, you will now be a nursing assistant. Radiologists, pathologists, and therapies are several other options.


2. Office Work

An associate of applied science degree with a concentration in accounting will benefit those pursuing a career in business. If a student wishes to transition and receive a bachelor’s degree, some four-year colleges can accept credits earned against an associate’s degree.

An A.A.S. in accounting, on its own, will have the requisite experience to act as an accountant. An A.A.S. in accounting and finance is yet another option; these persons process the documentation required to receive benefits from insurance providers.

An associate’s degree is frequently enough to find work as a solicitor and law associate, research, file records, and support lawyers in various ways.


3. Technical Positions

While many computer network management positions need a four-year bachelor’s, an associate in applied science can frequently make way to entry-level computing technology careers.

Graduates can find jobs as webmasters, server managers or researchers, system administrators, or database administrators. Associate programs in applied science are available for automotive mechanics and vehicle repair specialists but want a different hands-on profession.


4. Miscellaneous Fields

A.A.S. degrees are available in various areas, including fisheries technologies, horticulture, and natural resource management. An A.A.S. in pharmacy technologies trains students to serve as record or billing professionals or support physicians in processing medications.

Animal enthusiasts may be interested in pursuing an A.A.S. in medical technology and know-how to help during procedures or caring for four-legged patients.


Skills You Learn In A.S.S.

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Skills You Learn In A.S.S.

Suppose you’ve already started your business profession and are searching for entry-level jobs in the industry. In that case, an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management will show that you’re prepared to take your career seriously. In addition, you can learn valuable skills in the curriculum that you will immediately use in the workplace.


1. Employee Management, Training, and Evaluation

Leading others quickly and safely can be difficult whether you don’t master new skills to go far. This is why it is so beneficial that a significant portion of your A.A.S.

Business Degree experience would allow you to do just that! As a consultant or director, you’ll have to understand the best strategies for training workers so they’ll have the most excellent chance of succeeding in your business.


2. Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills

Once you take over as an administrative assistant, you may need to work effectively with many individuals. Employees may need consistent guidance, instructions, and other details to do their jobs properly.

You may also be required to meet with subordinates. It is the point of contact between your fellow employees and your employers.


3. Management of Customer Service

As a consultant, you can see clients daily or be required once an employee needs assistance. When do employers approach bosses for help with customers? Typically whenever there is a crisis, and often when the consumer is unhappy with something.

This is among the reasons your excellent customer service abilities can come in handy. Your degree program will show you how to resolve complex problems with consumers so that you have the highest chance of converting them into happier customers. It will also show you how to have decent customer support in either case.


4. Ethics in Business

Among the most severe matters, you’ll explore in your company associate degree program is ethical behavior. You can discover the fundamentals of company rules and legislation, as well as what you are lawfully permitted to do in various cases.

In addition, you’ll be exposed to some of the legal issues that companies face and taught how to deal with them. Good ethics will help lead you during your profession while assisting the organization and colleagues in maintaining honesty.


Courses Suggestions for an Undergraduate Associate Degree

The following are some of the application-oriented fields about which Associate Degree programs are planned initiated but for which training is still to be established:

  • Health Care and Para-Medical Technology
  • Commerce 
  • Data processing and Programming 
  • Service to the public
  • Occupational Study
  • Accounting and information technology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Network administration
  • Computer networking 
  • Health Information Technology
  • Internet design and administration
  • Administration of Health Care
  • Technologies for Industrial/Production
  • Workplace Relations
  • The study of media
  • Psychology in Action
  • Tourism and hospitality 
  • Dental hygiene 
  • Agriculture is a company
  • Community Planning and Development
  • Native American Community Health
  • Mine Engineering
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Art in the Studio
  • Dental Therapy 
  • Marketing and sales
  • Theatrics and drama
  • Management of security, etc.


Institutions Offering Associate Of Applied Science Degree In Pakistan

The following are a list of colleges that offer Associate degree programs:

  1. University of Sargodha, Sargodha
  2. University of the Punjab Lahore
  3. Virtual University
  4. Lahore University of Gujrat
  5. Punjab Group of Colleges, Lahore
  6. Riphah International University, Islamabad

Any province’s public colleges will begin offering Associate Degree programs. This program will be launched by an increasing number of companies in the coming days.