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20 jobs for lazy people in 2021

We all are lazy people! No? You might be thinking that I am uttering you wrong? Well, No, I am right. In one of the researches done by a Canadian scientist, he stated that humans are biologically inclined to laziness, which means that we all are lazy people.

And of course, who doesn’t like to lay down in his bed with comfort. Everyone wants a stress-free job that you can do without having any expertise and getting a handsome amount of income.

As I said above, lazy people are everywhere. So, don’t feel low if you want to live life in a no-stress environment. I have 20 legit easy, stress-free, and zero required expertise jobs for your lazy bone that will surely benefit you.


1. Review hotel services

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Review hotel services

So, that may be the favorite job of lazy people. You only have to lay down in the soft, cozy luxurious hotel rooms and test their services. Test them overall performances of behaviors and clines, and at the end of the day, you have to give a detailed report of your experience and pass your reviews.

But remember one thing you have to inspect with great observation and keep an eye on everything because you are paying just for your comment and experience.


2. Video game tester

If you are a video game lover and love to play games at any time, then you must go for it. That’s the quit most straightforward and exciting job that might you enjoy the most. You only have to test different video games on how it’s working.

You have to analyze its operations, and in the end, you have to make your reviews sound interesting? Yes, then you must go for it.


3. Breath odor evaluation

jobs for lazy people

Breath odor evaluation

It may sound creepy but isn’t it better you are earning money by almost doing nothing. If your smelling sense is faster and getting closer to someone is ok for you, you can pay for it. You only have to smell the breath of people and evaluate it.

Mostly chewing gum, toothpaste, mints manufacture, and mouthwash companies hire you. They will pay you according to their budget high earning companies paid good monthly salaries to their evaluators.


4. Drinks and beverages tester

People who like to taste new drink flavors love this job, and you will get paid for it. Different frizzy drink manufacturers and drinks companies will assign you for the job. You have to taste the drink and evaluate it and after that, give your feedback to the company.

Your comparison power should be fair and need good taste buds that can taste and evaluate drink.


5. Translator

easy jobs that pay well


If you know any second language, that will be great and can work for you. You can earn through this. Many international companies hire translators sometimes; you need to translate the stuff oral or sometimes written.

It’s a highly paid job and required little skills that you don’t have to learn precisely. That’s something you have learned daily. So, you can utilize this too.


6. Ostrich babysitter

I know this job seems slightly unusual because there are very few vacancies that come daily, but this job is best for you if you are an animal lover. Your job requirement includes watching baby ostrich playing, taking care that they don’t pinch each other, and stop them from running.

This job requires no skill, and your lazy mind and body can quickly fulfill the requirements by taking care of a baby ostrich.


7. Food evaluator

easy high paying jobs

Food evaluator

That’s my favorite job that required no skills although they will feed you too with unique, delicious dishes but some time they are not dishes. Anyway, here you only have excellent knowledge of food and different cousins.

Usually, different restaurants and food hub hire you to test their new food and items to taste it and pass your experience and feel while eating it. You might be a little bit careful while delivering your opinion. It must be accurate.


8. Vlogger

Love to make video stories in your free time, then it’s the best job for you. First, decide if you want to work on your own platform, then make a channel on YouTube and post your vlogs. Some people are camera-friendly, and if you know how to record the best angles, you may be one of them.

If you have skills, then utilize them. Edit your video to maintain your fan following. You can do this stuff for any person who wants to hire your services, but it will also make you passive income if you are reproaching through the YouTube channel. You don’t have to worry about this.


9. Dog walker

good jobs for lazy people

Dog walker

Who will not love these little loyal and friendly creatures? Yes, if you are a dog lover, then this job will be fit for you. Here you have to take dogs for a walk and play with them for some time. Their owners will pay you for this.

If you have a good skill in bonding with dogs, you can go for this job. Try to make connections in high paying classes that pay a fair amount of income for a dog walker.


10. Test subject

You have to display yourself as a subject to test different cosmetics products and other accessories. Designers and makeup manufacturers will hire you. They use your skin to test different products; in return, you have to give your reviews.


11. Betting

Betting is a very vast field. I have seen millions of people who love to do betting, and it’s a significant source of earning money. You can earn up to millions, but here your luck and playing tricks matter a lot. A good player can go up to a long-run while a new player takes some time to understand the game’s tips and tricks. 

You can do betting in any game. While it is indoor or outdoor, you can hire a gambler in any casino, and you will earn a handsome income.


12. Photography

Love to capture moments? And you have the skills to make a click more attractive? Then it would be best if you go for your passion instead of sitting idle. You can be a fashion photographer or sell your photos to the buyers. Only you have to get a good camera.


13. Surveys

You can fill surveys that are the most comfortable and most exciting job. Hundreds of websites pay you to attempt surveys. They will reward you or pay you through PayPal monthly, so it’s up to you how many surveys you filled and how many bucks you earn.


14. Focus study

Many studies need a proper detailed focus study on any particular subject. You have to do so is careful focus observation on the subject, gather all necessary research to introduce a new one, make a hypothesis, and prepare evidence and deliver it to the person who hired you.


15. Mystery shopper

Shopaholics, where are you? I have brought you a great idea of earning now there is no need to worry while shopping. Here the shopkeeper will pay you for shopping. Yes, shopkeeper! You read it right. Only pretend that you are shopping from that store and attract other buyers.

The more customer, the more income for you, so you have to become a fake shopper and buy goods for the partner’s store.


16. Tutoring

It is the most knowledgeable and efficient way of earning. Moreover, the most respectful profession where you can make money without any physical activity. 

You can deliver and teach any subject to the student via the internet or via teaching them through any other medium.

It’s a highly paid profession also you can increase your knowledge. By teaching to any other person, your concepts of a particular subject will become stronger.


17. reviewing videos

The easiest and enjoyable job that I recommend to you. We always wasted a lot of time listening to music, watching different videos. Why don’t we utilize it by earning some money? Many advertising companies and production media hire you to monitor a new release movie, ad, song, or any song. To pass the reviews, you have to watch the video they provide and analyze it as a general audience, not give your thoughts to the developer.


18. Reading emails

You might be thinking, who is going to pay me for only reading emails? Well, many websites pay people who read referral emails. They will give them different rewards or pay them via PayPal.


19. Apologizer

That’s new, yes, but you know! In Japan, you hire a person to apologize on behalf of you. No, I don’t think I might be kidding with you. They indeed employ a person to apologize to another person and then pay you.


20. DJ

Yes, if you have good taste in music and know where to add a perfect beat, you can go for this. Now it’s the right pay profession.


Final words

I hope that jobs may help you and direct you to make the right decision. and makes your interest in doing a job instead of wasting your time you should earn some money.