20 best recession proof jobs for all skill levels 2021

recession proof jobs

Recession proof jobs are a permanent source of income in hard times of the economy. Fresh college graduates are having difficulty finding entry-level employment that uses their expertise.

Let’s speak about recession proof jobs occupations! When a recession is mentioned in the news, people are concerned about their job security, and for a valid reason. Over 10% of Individuals were jobless during the 2008 crisis.

It meant fewer job opportunities, widespread layoffs, and strong demand for the few open vacancies. In reality, relatively few employment sectors stay in place during a downturn.

And, though the repercussions of a recession may vary for us, let us face it: a recession affects everyone. Others are related to our nation’s demographic shifts as the baby generation grows older.

This list finds and examines 20 recession-proof careers from various sectors that are not just prospering today but are also anticipated to expand the most over the next year. Some highly demanded and most popular recession proof jobs are given below. Check these out if you are searching for one!


20 Best Recession Proof Jobs

  • Home Health Aides
  • Personal Care Aides
  • Physician Assistants (PAs)
  • Elementary teacher
  • IT worker
  • Utility worker
  • Funeral Home Manager
  • Emergency medical personnel
  • NPs (Nurse Practitioners)
  • Statistical Experts
  • Physical Therapist Assistants
  • Mathematicians
  • Medical Assisting
  • Physical Therapist Aides
  • Occupational Therapy Assistants
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Operations Research Analysts
  • Prevention and Inspectors Specialists for Forest Fires
  • Postsecondary Health Specialties Teachers


Home Health Aides

Yearly Salary = $22,700 

Home health aides give individualized, in-home care to those who need assistance with everyday tasks. Home health assistants provide personal support at home with fitness-related difficulties to anybody who needs it, including persons with cognitive impairments, physical impairments, and chronic diseases.

The work includes assisting with chores such as clothing and bathing, food planning and preparation, assessing and documenting a client’s pulse, temperature, sugar levels, replacing bandages, assisting with prosthetics, and much more.

Home health assistants might work for commercial or governmental organizations, community centers, and adult-day treatment centres. Since the world has stabilized from the Global Recession, home health aide has been one of the best growing occupations.


Personal Care Aides

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Personal Care Aides

Yearly Salary = $21,970 

Like certified nursing assistants, personal care assistants help and care for those who need additional support and treatment with their everyday lives needs.

They assist people who have physical or mental limitations and other health concerns that restrict their mobility. Food preparation and planning, bathing and dressing, cleaning, scheduling drive or transporting, and maintaining their patients interested are all part of their responsibilities.

Personal care assistants might work for private or governmental agencies, hospitals, or private residences. If you’re a physician, physician assistant, nurse, or radiologist, a position in the medical industry is an excellent location to operate during a crisis.

Their jobs are permanent whether the economy is good or having a hard time. You can still find a job as a personal care assistant.


Physician Assistants (PAs)

Yearly Salary = $101,500

There is a high need for competent assistance in health research. Physician aides can fill that requirement, and the field is expected to develop significantly over the next year.

Physician assistants undertake several healthcare environments, like examining and gathering data on clients’ health records, monitoring treatment success, and teaching patients on medical services alongside physicians, doctors, and other healthcare providers.

Individuals will become ill or wounded and need medical treatment regardless of financial markets and economic growth. It is a top recession-proof employment sector.


Elementary teacher

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Elementary teacher

Yearly Salary = $59,670

Elementary teachers are educated to teach students in nursery via fifth grade. They are in charge of kids’ emotional and academic development in a school setting and the tools and tools utilized to educate them.

Teachers, particularly state school educators who are members of an organization, have very recession-proof careers. Organizations find it more difficult for instructors to leave their jobs.

Whenever the financial sector is a slump, school systems must stay open, and instructors are indispensable. This profession requires patience, communication, enthusiasm, and creativity. 

“You can never stop learning at any age” is the case at any time. This profession had been and will be evergreen. Being a teacher or professor, you can get a job at any time.

If not in an institution, you can teach from your home as a one on one tutor. You can also teach from one country to the students of other countries. There are a lot of online platforms are available that provide you offer to teach online.


IT worker

Yearly Salary = $80,191

IT experts may give conventional pc and printer help to a corporation and its customers or network assistance. Network IT professionals are responsible for the installation of electronic components like switches and routers and also wiring.

They frequently monitor systems to verify that they are operating at peak efficiency and that no issues are impeding system performance. Across sectors, businesses rely on internet connection and other technology to keep stuff functioning.

Because many corporate operations are being performed remotely, network and computer Information technology personnel are more demanding than ever. These positions will be required even if corporations have to make cuts elsewhere.


Utility worker

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Utility worker

Hourly wage = $15.71

A utility team member is an entry-level team member in charge of the cleaning and upkeeps of the business’s facilities and equipment. Supervisors and repair officers provide written and verbal directions to utility personnel regarding the designated work areas within and without the facility.

Water, waste, phone, and power are not elective; utility personnel are vital to civilization. These jobs are recession-proof because utilities may be death or life in certain circumstances.


Funeral Home Manager

Yearly Salary = $76,350

The funeral services manager is in charge of the day-to-day activities of a memorial service. They are responsible for a broad range of tasks, including planning and assigning the funeral apartment’s finances, managing workers, and managing publicity and customer affairs.

When money is limited, individuals need their family members to be properly buried. They will remain to depend on funeral service directors and managers to offer this service.

These funeral service professionals are often required to have an undergraduate degree in funeral agency and funerary technology.


Emergency medical personnel

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Emergency medical personnel

Yearly Salary = $35,400

A medic is usually among the first medical personnel to respond on the site of an accident. Standard job tasks include examining patients, delivering emergency care, and making a diagnosis.

Medication management and administration, pain alleviation, and surgical intervention Daily, emergencies occur, and emergency responders & medics are the only other responders who rescue life.

These were all recession-proof occupations since a failing economy does not indicate that fewer individuals will require proper medical treatment.


NPs (Nurse Practitioners)

Yearly Salary = $100,980

Nurse practitioners, often known as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), offer enhanced nursing treatments to many patients. Nurse practitioners, who are close to but not as sophisticated as doctors, may work as primary or specialized medical workers, evaluating patient care and offer treatment regimens.

The profession’s typical activities include completing physical examinations, giving and evaluating tests, developing care plans, recommending and providing medicines, and conferring with physicians and other medical experts.

Nursing staff, like physicians, specialize in specialized branches of healthcare, like essential medicine, paediatrics, or dementia patients. Nurse practitioners might work in several environments, including institutions, nursing homes, and individual clinics.


Statistical Experts

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Statistical Experts

Yearly Salary = $80,600 

Statistical experts, like mathematicians, examine and utilize data in a broad range of applications. Statisticians operate with the state, research institutes, colleges, banking and insurance corporations, healthcare facilities, and consulting firms, using extensive statistical approaches, forecasting, and calculus.

Statisticians forecast patterns and results, foresee issues, trace issues back to their cause, and create predictive models. Statisticians should develop tests, reviews, and surveys, use statistical and mathematical concepts and are creative and critical thinkers to fulfil these tasks.


Physical Therapist Assistants

Yearly Salary = $56,650

Physical therapist aides play a crucial role in assuring that physiotherapy practices run efficiently and assist their patients successfully. On the other hand, physical therapist aides have a fuller, clinical position in the area, working alongside and below the close supervision of physiotherapists to aid clients in the recovery and recovery phase.

Physiotherapist assistants’ particular tasks vary depending on their field of practice, including massages, hydrotherapy, exercise programs, or other areas.

People should be licensed by completing the Union of State Boards of PTNPTE (Physical Therapy’s National Physical Therapy Exam) for Physical Therapist Assistants. In certain states, extra qualification or licensing is required.


Developers of Software–Applications

Yearly Salary = $100,100 

Talented software developers have been an insignificant desire since the advent of the PC. The rise of the internet, smartphones, cloud-based computers, and much more available computer technology will likely enhance the need for software engineers specializing in apps.

Whether developing word processors or Microsoft excel for PCs, efficiency applications for business owners, educational applications for kids and adults, or videogames for simple amusement, apps software engineers have a diverse range of roles and projects to pick from.

People should have a Graduate degree in a suitable subject, like software engineering or computer science, to be an apps software engineer. This job is not affected by the recession because today’s world is digitalized.



Yearly Salary = $105,900 

Individuals who are interested in statistics and their uses may desire to seek a profession as a statistician. Advanced mathematical skills and information may lead to attractive, high-paying careers.

Mathematicians contribute to prediction and diagnosis, fixing and avoiding issues for companies and agencies, and crunching statistics. In any crisis, there is always a need for a mathematician the predicting and forecasting business growth.

The federal government employs the bulk of mathematics, with many more working in colleges and universities, internal and external analytical methods, financial and insurance firms, and technological business solutions. 


Medical Assisting 

Annual Salary = $31,540

Even as the medical industry expands, and so will the demand for knowledgeable and professional personnel. Medical assistants work in various clinical settings, including clinics, hospitals, and many other healthcare institutions.

Administrative functions like keeping records, planning, and data input are typical work responsibilities. Medical assistants conduct fundamental healthcare activities like vital sign measurement, medicine and injection administration, and liquid sample preparation.

Medical assistants are increasing every day due to the growing number of disease doctors need an assistant. Many medical assistants specialize in administration or clinical duties and particular medical disciplines like cardiologist, podiatrist, or dental. 


Physical Therapist Aides

Annual Salary = $25,680

Physical therapist assistants work in various settings, including physiotherapy clinics, medical offices, nursing homes, and government agencies.

Since they do not conduct physiotherapy jobs or treatments, physiotherapist aids help practices run smoothly by doing several functions.

The therapist is not affected by any recession because of growth in the health sector. Typically, physical therapy assistants organize and smooth therapy session spaces, wash linens, assist patients in travelling between therapy locations, and conduct administrative work.


Occupational Therapy Assistants

Annual Salary = $59,010 

Occupational therapy assistants, like aides, conduct tasks that guarantee occupational therapists’ procedures operate smoothly and effectively serve clients.

On the other hand, occupational therapy aides have more duties in occupational therapy situations, including clinical aid tasks. A least an Undergrad degree from a recognized occupational therapy helper school is required for the job.

During Covid-19, the demand for Occupational therapists is increased. Occupational therapy aides are essential in providing treatment to people in clinics, residential care, social welfare organizations, educational establishments, and other settings.


Information Security Analyst

Annual Salary = $92,600

Almost every aspect of society nowadays is dependent on the correct operation of sophisticated information systems. The security and safety of our data is a crucial element of this, with a constant need for cybersecurity professionals who can protect our data.

Security professionals must have a solid understanding of information networks, hardware, and software and present an account of information security dangers and preventative solutions.

Due to advancements in technology, every sector needs someone expert to protect their data. People should have well-developed conceptual and issue-solving abilities, be precision focused, and possess a certain level of imagination about technological knowledge.


Operations Research Analysts

Annual Salary = $79,200 

Everyone will proceed well in an ideal world, with no hurdles or difficulties. Furthermore, the environment is not perfect, which is where business analytics experts enter.

Business analytics analysts are used by businesses, enterprises, and governments to examine and resolve logistical challenges. Analysts in operations analysis integrate analytical, communications, critical thinking, mathematics, and issue-solving abilities to maintain every train operating on schedule.

Collecting and interpreting data, conducting simulations and developing statistical models, writing memos and presentations, leveraging databases, and counselling executives and directors on the optimal policy options are all part of the work.


Prevention and Inspectors Specialists for Forest Fires

Annual Salary = $36,230

Annually, wildfires destroy vast swaths of forest, notably in the American West. This is accompanied by the extinction of animal and human habitat and existence. Wildfire inspections and control experts endeavour to study, prevent, anticipate, and rapidly stop these deadly natural forces.

They must examine at-risk locations to predict emergency scenarios, using information about the current circumstances and records. This is a recession proof jobs career since they have a significant understanding of public security concerns, connections, laws, and the ability to stay calm under extreme pressure.

This occupation is related to the frequency of fires. Forest fire investigators and control experts have the most significant employment in the least vulnerable locations.


Postsecondary Health Specialties Teachers

Annual Salary = $99,360

Many individuals work in health-related disciplines like medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutical, psychotherapy, and animal sciences. Individuals must have the necessary educational degrees to pursue their professional objectives.

As a result, the need for trained health specialty instructors at the higher education level is likely to rise at a significant and consistent pace. Teachers of health specializations are often employed in universities, colleges, graduate schools, and technical colleges.



Though there are no vocations that always seem recession proof jobs, several tend to be better than many others. Accountants, creditors, inspectors, and recovery specialists are a few more professions that might be less impacted by a crisis, or as some might argue, “recession proof jobs.”

However, there are several recession-resistant enterprises to consider. The fact is there’s no simple solution to keeping your career. Recessions may cause a lot of tension and worry.

Getting ready and observant are two of the most important measures you can take. When you are concerned about abandoning your career, you should be responsible and undertake the necessary actions.