3D printing Jobs | Best 20 3D printing Jobs in 2021

3D printing Jobs
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Digital manufacturing technology, often known as 3D Printing or additive production, develops the geometric representation of actual items via sequential materials. 3D Printing is a rapidly evolving technology.

3D Printing is extensively utilized throughout the globe today. 3D printing technology is being used increasingly for mass customization, manufacturing in the agricultural, healthcare, automotive, locomotive, and aviation sectors of all sorts of open-source designs.

3D printing technology may print the item layer directly from the CAD model through layer deposition of the material. 


Types of 3D Printing (3D printing Jobs)

  • Directed Energy Deposition
  • Binder Jetting
  • Materials Jetting
  • Sheet Lamination
  • Materials Extrusion
  • Vat Photopolymerization
  • Powder Bed Fusion

This list explores 20 workplaces for 3D Printing, a specialist field of expertise. Still, the applications are so diverse that everyone who knows how to best adapt and use them might discover fantastic career possibilities.


Best 20 3D printing Jobs

  • 3D Printing and R&D Manager
  • Product and 3D Designer
  • Global Head of 3D Printing Consumer Business
  • 3D Printing Operator Second Shift 1-8 pm (Aerospace Industry).
  • 3D Visual Artist
  • 3D Print & Scan Technical Instructor
  • Printing Press Operator
  • 3D Asset Artist (All-Levels)
  • Junior Unity 3D Developer
  • Senior 3D Artist (Potential for remote work)
  • Flexo Printing Press Operator
  • Apprentice 3D Print Technician
  • Technology Technician
  • Lead Orthodontic Technician
  • Engineering Technician
  • 3D Printing Workshop Team Leader
  • Design Engineer – Castings
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Manufacturing Technician / Senior Production Operative
  • Graduate Software Developer


3D Printing and R&D Manager

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3D Printing and R&D Manager

3D Printing and R&D Manager full-time job is available in Somerville, MA

In Form labs, the 3D Printing R&D Manager supervises a team in the SLA R&D Centre. The individual heading this team must grasp the use and development of Software Algorithms in mechanical engineering and materials.

Pluses include optics, substantial 3D printing utilization, and the construction of complicated equipment.

You may apply for this position if you have the expertise in R & D or engineering to comprehend our 3D printers, materials and software, and group management and planning capabilities.

The job is to manage a disciplinary team of 4-5 persons, provide broad technical leadership, and provide daily comprehensive technical input. You should talk about diverse projects you have accomplished and be a practical technical leader who can provide technical information.


Competitive wage depending on experience.


Product and 3D Designer

Product and 3D Designer full time and the permanent job are available in Oswestry at Newgate.

Newgate is a leading contemporary British brand and brand in clocks, watches and sunglasses, eyewear design, and production. The sale to the homeware, fashion, and leisure sectors and our web presence.

You will be in charge of creating new products, packaging, and 3D Printing, through video content, animation, 3D modeling, and 3D graphics design.

Your mission is to deliver projects from conception to implementation across a wide range of media, create 3D graphics, 3D modeling, animation, and video content, and support the graphical design of printed products and digital/online content.

You should be able to provide an exceptional work portfolio, displaying originality and a high level of execution, organized with thorough attention to detail, and A team player and natural work collaborator as well as self-confident.


Competitive, experience-based remuneration.


Global Head of 3D Printing Consumer Business

Global Head of 3D Printing Consumer Business job is available in Guildford, Town in England at Signify.

Working in a fast-paced business for Signify involves being innovative and agile. Signify is one of the few carbon neutrality firms globally, and our following sustainability objectives are even more audacious: to double our positive environmental and social impact by 2025.

As Worldwide Head of 3D Printing Consumer, we are responsible for creating and executing our global consumer 3D Printing business for all Signify markets.

You should construct an overall consumer strategy, create a global product roadmap, develop different online and offline channels and build and implement market launch and growth strategies.

It would help if you had a bachelor’s degree or master’s. And with a good experience of at least 7+ years in consumer design / decorative or fashion.


Competitive pay package includes holiday benefits, pension schemes, flexible working hours, and family-friendly workplace practices.


3D Printing Operator Second Shift 1-8 pm (Aerospace Industry).

3D Printing Operator permanent job is available in Burlington, MA at Poly6 from 1-8 pm (Aerospace Industry) second shift.

Poly6 enables the manufacture of complicated designs of turbine engines by combining additive manufacture with modern materials. Poly6’s long-term advantages include lower greenhouse gas emissions for the aviation industry.

In addition, you’ll be able to collaborate with a highly qualified team to tackle challenges in one of the most complicated technical industries in the world: aviation.

You should be able to operate standard 3D printing & process devices, manage CT scan inspection equipment, read, understand and follow quality-focused instructions and processes and work towards manufacturing schedules to meet demand.

You should have a high school, GED, or Associate degree with more than five years of manufacturing experience and desirable expertise in hazardous materials and 3D Printing.


Competitive, experience-based remuneration.


3D Visual Artist

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3D Visual Artist

3D Visual Artist job is available at RemoteHub.

They want professional 3D visual artists to design many characters and visuals for marketing reasons.

The main advantages of working with RemoteHub include becoming a 3D visual artist to work with our worldwide communities, working comfortably with a range of customers, spending more time working and less time administration, and setting your schedule.

Extensive experience in character design, rigging, skinning, and an expert understanding of 3D design and animation technologies are needed.

Digital assets, concept arts, and drawings should be created and handled to build virtual characters, environments, and objects.


1,200 dollars a month


3D Print & Scan Technical Instructor

3D Print & Scan Technical Instructor Job is available in London at Royal College of Art.

They are searching for an experienced, adaptive, energetic, driven, and results-oriented individual to work with their technical support team at the Royal College of Art.

In 3D printer or 3D scanning, you should be able to provide technical instructions, help, advice, and demonstrations at the College, Help the operations of the facility by printing files, operating machines, and equipment maintenance, To support the expansion of the College’s 3D printer & scan equipment, software, and services, including the purchase and installation of new equipment and services, 3D Print & Scan Technologies continuous learning as part of a dynamic team.

You should be aware of the 3D printing processes, including the transfer from 3D CAD data via digital production, physical output, and experience working with one of the following CAD applications and some work experience with the 3D scanning system.


£31,760 – £36,381 annually.


Printing Press Operator

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Printing Press Operator

This full-time job is available in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

AMP is a locally owned firm renowned as the “go-to” for high quality, rapid turnaround, and customer-oriented Printing.

It would help if you had a working understanding of digital print machines, quickly and precisely carry out many tasks, prioritize work within a fast-paced atmosphere, and have computer abilities.

Importantly, you should have a minimum of 1-3 years in digital print production and digital printing skills.


Competitive, experience-based remuneration.


3D Asset Artist (All-Levels)

3D Asset Artist full-time Job is available in London, KY at ROCKSTEADY studios

Rocksteady Studios is part of the Warner Bros. and Batman interactive entertainment family. Their approach is to treat people correctly, to offer outstanding, time-tested entertainment.

It would help if you operated efficiently in an honest feedback and iteration environment, were acquainted with high and low poly modeling abilities, and were skilled in 3DS Max, Blender, or Maya hard-area modeling.


Competitive compensation based on experience.


Junior Unity 3D Developer

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Junior Unity 3D Developer

Junior Unity 3D Developer job is available in Puerto Rico, the US at Oktagon Games.

It would help if you had a Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering or comparable fields; Familiarity with Unity 3D and a basic grasp of Unity’s principles for writing and the most important classes and systems utilized; experience with C# and objects-oriented programming, and capacity to operate in a dynamic and collaborative team setting.


Competitive wage depending on experience


Senior 3D Artist (Potential for remote work)

Senior 3D Artist job is available in Cambridge, MA at Demiurge

Demiurge Studios is an equal-chance, diversity, equality, and inclusion workplace. Demiurge Studios also provides housing for those with impairments or special needs.

You can construct and texture a broad range of 3D objects, from settings and accessories to people and vehicles. In addition, you may adapt to work in various visual styles and take advantage of the possibility to develop 3D assets via many high-profile projects.

You should have over four years experience in the game industry; knowledge in 2D and 3D game-art creation, processes, and development pipelines; skillful 3D modeling of low- and high-poly assets and textures; skilled with standard industrial tools, and 2d solid skills that can hand paint textures and generate designs.


Competitive wage depending on experience


Flexo Printing Press Operator 

Flexo Printing Press Operator Job is available in Provo, UT at Fort Dearborn.

The Flexo Press Operator is a critical team member in charge of manufacturing printed labels and monitoring label quality and press conditions.

You are in charge of doing all essential quality checks relating to product requirements, visual and functional inspections, finishing the press, and doing all necessary maintenance work.

High school graduation or GED is required, as well as 1+ years of experience and training for printing press operators and 2+ years for Lead Flexographic Press Operator.


$20 – $25 / hr


Apprentice 3D Print Technician

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Apprentice 3D Print Technician

Apprentice 3D Print Technician Job is available in Sunderland SR5 at Additive Manufacturing 3D Technology LTD.

AM3D provides an apprentice with the chance to work and build skills in a 3D printing environment. To be an experienced young team employing state-of-the-art tools and processes that produce dental models of excellent quality.

Dental and orthodontic equipment production utilizing 3D Printing gives more excellent surface polish and fit than previous techniques.

Your duties will include equipment and machinery maintenance, and cleaning are also necessary Preparing and packaging with precision and detail the models ready for distribution is a crucial part; Part preparation involves the computer orientation of optimum quality and efficiency models.

You ought to know different software packages; have Good general PC experience in 3D design, CAD, ideal production procedures; 3D printing technology knowledge, and desire to learn about these technologies.


£206.25 per week


Technology Technician

Technology Technician job is available at Gordon’s School

The work’s objective is to help instructors educate via technology training and maintenance of specialists/equipment and resources.

Your duties will involve ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations; Assist teachers in developing/preparing adequate teaching and learning materials; assisting students in producing practical results within the course; Help in creating exhibits and superior materials; Administrative activities, such as copying, taking minutes, preparing lessons and test documents, preparation, and collection of student CAD files, cam 3d printing assistance, etc.

You ought to have It is desirable to experience Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, etc.; Capable of working with students and staff; capable of planning and prioritizing personal tasks; Willingness to learn CAD-CAM hardware and 3D printing software.


£14,000 – £15,500 a year


Lead Orthodontic Technician

Lead Orthodontic Technician job is available in Shropshire, England in The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust.

We need an eager and experienced Advanced Orthodontic Technician to help three orthodontic consultants and their clinical teams in a multi-disciplined group across our two campuses.

The new, fully-equipped lab offers trust and external users complete technical and clinical service, 3D surgery planning and Printing, thorough clinical photography.

You should be able to be the lead orthodontic technician and responsible for the manufacture of all types of orthodontic equipment; maintain the complete technical services to the clinicians; and maintain contact with consultants and other clinical personnel concerning treatment planning, anatomical defects, and technological requirements for patients;

Clinical photos are taken using digital photographic equipment of all departmental patients, all images for patient records and auditing reasons are archived and categorized.


£31,365 – £37,890 a year


Engineering Technician

The Engineering Technician job is available in Herne Bay of Kent, the United Kingdom, at Carrier. 

The main aim of this role is to support design and development engineers in the implementation of research and development projects.

You will be responsible for designing and producing prototypes and test equipment using quick prototype techniques, including 3D Printing; support engineering in the basic scheme, layout, and PCB design; product testing in line with design engineering requirements and R&D support required on a day-to-day basis.

Experience in fast prototyping and manufacturing techniques; experience with Solidedge CAD software would also benefit, and experience with Labview, Arduinos, and Raspberry Pieces. In addition, you should have a background in production, manufacturing, and industrial engineering.


Competitive salaries based on your work capacity


3D Printing Workshop Team Leader

3D Printing Workshop Team Leader job is available in Shadbury End, Royston at Response Personnel Ltd

As a team leader, you contact the RP Workshop Manager directly and ensure that all orders and projects are fulfilled in the time allowed and of the best quality.

You are leading a team of 7 employees with various skills. You will have to work with each team member to build expertise and ensure that the section covers all parts of the project work.

This post is for a person with five to ten years of experience in a busy model building workshop and a fast prototyping workshop.


£30000 – £35000 per annum


Design Engineer – Castings

Design Engineer jobs are available in Walsall, England, at Bennett and Game Recruitment LTD. 

Your employment requirements include Developing castings for new product development operations; Validating designs using software for simulation; Connecting with consumers on technical help, and helping with reverse engineering and 3D Printing.

It would be best if you had 3D modeling program expertise, especially Solidworks; have a diploma in a topic-oriented mechanical / design/manufacture Interest or experience in additive production or reverse engineering.


£22,000 – £28,000 annually 


Mechanical Engineer

A Mechanical Engineer job is available in Cambridge, England at Jefferson Wells – IT & Eng.

They offer mechanical systems, design, sourcing, assembly, and testing necessary to support ongoing research operations. Take and grow team needs interactively to identify suitable answers in a collaborative atmosphere.

You need to demonstrate Demonstrable CAD software competence; Practical knowledge in manufacturing technologies includes machining and 3D Printing, Experience dealing with high-precision, low-volume, customized components third-party vendors.


Competitive salary depending on experience


Manufacturing Technician / Senior Production Operative

Manufacturing Technician / Senior Production Operative job is available in Ladywood, Birmingham at Webrecruit.

Their rapidly increasing team of additives manufacturers manufacture 3D gold, platinum, and silver printed articles for industrial and jewelry clients. Therefore, they want to employ a person with a CAD/Rhino background and relevant expertise.

You will undertake tasks such as reviewing the finalized CAD drawing before sending out the part for production; linking with the CAD technician and output throughout the production process to ensure the part is produced as agreed; removing the supports used for the manufacturing/through 3D Printing and semi-finishing process; quality control and inspection engage actively in the monthly stock controls.

You should have a background in jewelry, engineering, or 3D, and an essential degree of familiarity with CAD or Rhino is needed.


Competitive based on experience


Graduate Software Developer

The Graduate Software Developer job is available in Knutsford at Bennett and Game Recruitment LTD. 

Due to the continuous success and expansion of the company, they want a graduate software developer to help with the programming of equipment within the R&D team.

Your jobs are included Projects of machinery using SQL databases C#, HTML and JavaScript; Software testing and failure discovery; Electronic and Electrical Aspects research and development teams; Production of prototypes for new projects, including 3D Printing


£20000 – £25000 per annum



In summary, in recent years, 3D printing technology has developed as a versatile and powerful technology in advanced manufacturing. This technique has been widely employed in many nations, particularly in the industrial sector.

As a result, there is a rich 3D printing landscape in the industrial business. 3D printing technology is now being developed in the industrial sector, offering several advantages for employees, companies, and the government.

More information is thus required to improve the uptake of 3D printing technology.


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